Can You Go Swimming On Your Period?

It doesn’t matter how many times you’ve had a period, you might go months – years even – wondering whether swimming on your period is okay… Will I leak? Could I catch an infection? Will I get cramps? Will sharks know?

It’s time for the myth to be debunked! You can swim on your period. And it’s super easy too.

Read on to find out our tips for swimming on your period.

Are you supposed to go swimming on your period?

Whether you go swimming on your period is entirely your choice. There is no reason why you shouldn’t! In fact, there are so many benefits for exercising during menstruation, such as increased endorphins to easing cramps. If you’re not sold on menstrual swimming, check out these other top 5 period exercises.

Will I leak?

No. If you’re using the right products to manage your flow, you will not leak when you’re swimming on your period. Trust us, you won’t get attacked by sharks when you’re swimming whilst riding the crimson wave.

Here are the best products for swimming on your period

  • Tampons – these will catch your blood before it gets to the water
  • Menstrual cup – as above!
  • Period proof swimwear – these just look like normal bikini bottoms but have a hidden layer which absorbs menstrual blood

Can you swim on your period with a pad?

Pads aren’t designed to absorb as much liquid as they would when in water. While it’s very unlikely that you’re going to leak as pads are still an effective barrier, it would be a little uncomfortable to wear a sodden pad when you climb out of the pool!

How to go swimming without a tampon or pad?

Forgotten to pack tampons or pads? Fear not! You can still swim without period protection. The pressure from the water around you helps prevent any menstrual blood from leaking. Don’t push your vaginal muscles and be prepared for when you get out of the water! A dark towel by the side of the pool should hide any blood spills when the pressure is removed.

If you still don’t feel comfortable swimming during your time of the month, you’ve always got sunbathing to fall back on! Sometimes you can’t beat a little snooze in the sun.

Have you tried swimming on your period before? Let us know your top tips over on Facebook.

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5 thoughts on “Can You Go Swimming On Your Period?

  1. Silvia Wilken said:

    Good afternoon,

    I have a organic store in Delfzijl, the Netherlands. I would like to know if there are product displays available.
    It can be empty, so I can order at Varuvo/Holland Pharma.
    Maybe you have an dutch agent, please let me know.

    With kind regards,

    Silvia Wilken
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  2. Confused and stressed said:

    I am twelve and am having my friends over to go swimming but I got my period this morning and don’t want to use a tampon will the blood be visible to my friends in the water?

    • Sarah said:

      You can go swimming without feminine products , it’s best to not stay in as long though . Wearing a dark pair of shorts can help block leaks being visible

    • Karli said:

      i’m having the same exact problem and it really sucks because i’m not sure when i’ll be able to swim again :/

  3. Alyssa said:

    Thank you for your help, I’m 13 and only on my second period ever, although I’m almost done, I just wanted to make sure! I rate this website helpful 😁👍🏻