Take the pledge, join project #BeKind

Learn simple ways to implement sustainable practices and commit to at least 30 days of practising kindness to your body and our planet.

What can you do to Be Kind?

  1. Take the #BeKind Pledge

  2. Join us and pledge to at least 30 days of showing your body and our planet kindness by:

    • Choosing certified organic, plastic free and biodegradable products in order to avoid known chemicals of concern.
    • Committing to composting, recycling and reducing your overall carbon footprint.
  3. Start composting your waste at home

  4. By composting, not only are you reducing the amount of waste going to landfill, but you are playing your part in supporting a healthy ecosystem.

    Read our composting guide for information on how to get started!

  5. Make toxin free swaps

  6. Simple swaps in your daily routine can make a big impact to your health and environment. Look for toxins in your products and swap out for cleaner alternatives. Read our toxin free swap guide for our recommendations!

  7. #BeKind to each other

  8. We’ve created a kindness calendar that includes simple tips on sustainable living, and how to be more kind to your body and to the planet.

    30 day kindness challenge

Join the #BeKind community

Join our community of people taking part in the #BeKind project. Together we share composting tips, organic swap recommendations, toxin free cleaning tips and more – to be kinder to our bodies, the planet and each other.

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More ways to Be Kind to your body, the planet and to others


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