Why natracare?

Choose a period that’s better for you, better for workers, and better for the planet.

Plastic Free

The average period product is loaded with plastic. Choosing plastic free pads and tampons lets intimate skin breathe and cuts out plastic pollution.

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All Natural

Sustainable by the power of nature. We use renewable materials in our products which are naturally absorbent, waterproof, breathable and soft.

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Certified Organic

Cotton is the most pesticide sprayed crop in the world. Using only 100% certified organic cotton means no chemicals and no toxic pesticides for your vagina or the planet.

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Tampon Fibre Loss

Do you know how many fibres come off a tampon when worn? Try the tampon dip test and find out. We use long fibre organic cotton, this means no tampon fibre loss.

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Totally Chlorine Free

Many period products are bleached with chlorine, but not ours. Find out what Totally Chlorine Free (TCF) means and why it matters.

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Effective Protection

Reliable, absorbent materials so you can go about your day leak and worry-free. Natural, effective and comfortable period and incontinence products. Going green doesn’t mean compromise.

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A cruelty-free, vegan lifestyle can mean a more environmentally-friendly period, too. Certified Vegan by The Vegetarian Society.

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