Totally Chlorine Free

We are proud to use a ‘Totally Chlorine Free’ (TCF) method to clean and purify our organic cotton and pulp before using.

Bleaching is used for the materials in products like pads, tampons and nappies, and also for things like paper.

Natracare products are made without any chlorine or chlorine compounds, using a ‘Totally Chlorine Free’ (TCF) process. This process ensures that our products are always 100% free of chlorine, so you can feel good about using them.

What should you know about bleaching?

Today, pulp is bleached using an ‘Elemental-Chlorine Free’ (ECF) process and a ‘Totally Chlorine Free’ (TCF) process.

We only use TCF because it’s the only process that is 100% free of chlorine and its compounds. Natracare is dedicated to eliminating the risk of any exposure to chlorine or its by-products.

We are proud to only use the ‘Totally Chlorine Free’ (TCF) process. As its name implies, the TCF method is completely free of any kind of chlorine. Because TCF does not use chlorine, it does not create or release chlorine by-products.

A lifetime of exposure

It’s Natracare’s mission to reduce exposure to unnecessary toxins and chemical residues.1 We believe toxic chemicals have no place near or in the vagina.

We independently test our products for pesticide and dioxin residues to ensure Natracare is delivered worry-free. Natracare has always used the TCF method as this is the safest for both you and the environment.2, 3

17,000 tampons used in a lifetime

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