Natural Maternity

Sensitive postpartum maternity pads and organic baby wipes

A kind choice for after birth and baby skin

Choose natural maternity pads made from plant-based, breathable materials. Most pads contain plastic, dyes and irritating super absorbents – nothing your skin needs, especially after giving birth. Natracare maternity pads are designed to be soft next to delicate skin and effectively absorbent.

Discover plastic free organic baby wipes, designed specifically for sensitive skin. No plastic and no nasty ingredients for your newborn.

Effective protection

Effective Protection

Tried, tested and trusted plant-based products. Going green doesn’t mean compromising performance. Look after you and your family naturally without the burden of plastic pollution.

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Chlorine free bleaching

Chlorine Free

Pads & wipes use bleached materials, but there’s more than one way to do it. The method we use to clean and purify our organic cotton is Totally Chlorine Free.

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Natural materials


We only source sustainable natural materials. This means every product you use can return to earth safely, and help us all to look after our planet for future generations.

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Perfume free

Perfume Free

We only make unscented products made for sensitive skin. Synthetic perfumes contain a host of undisclosed ingredients, which can lead to skin irritation for you and your family.

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Available Worldwide

No matter where you are in the world, you can take care of you and your baby’s skin with our maternity range. Make the switch today!

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