Effective Protection for Period and Bladder Leaks

Protection you can trust, whatever your flow.

Fear of period leaks or bladder weakness shouldn’t be something that stops you from doing the things you love most. Instead, choose protection you can trust, like Natracare!

An absorbent core

We harness the power of nature by using cellulose from certified sustainable wood pulp. This naturally absorbent fibre is perfect for absorbing period blood or urine. We only ever source wood pulp from sustainably managed forests.

Leakproof protection

All our pads and liners are backed with a renewably sourced plant-based plastic which is certified compostable. This helps to prevent leaks and keep you dry.

Soft & breathable

Feel the difference next to your skin! Organic cotton allows the skin to breathe more comfortably and is recommended as a way to avoid intimate irritation.

Natracare vs. conventional absorbency


All tampons (natural and otherwise) follow internationally set standards for absorbency. So when using tampons, the decision between brands is more about choosing which materials you want inside you.

Natracare Tampons in a bathroom

Natracare tampons are made from only 100% certified organic cotton.

Other tampons commonly use rayon1, which is a chemically processed fibre that rapidly absorbs menstrual blood, but at the same time may also dry out the natural protective mucous lining of the vagina. Cotton tampons are just as effective, but absorb less aggressively and are therefore less likely to dry out the vagina.

We offer absorbency options to suit different menstrual flows, from the very heavy to the super light.

Natracare organic tampon absorbency chart


Menstrual pads don’t have a standardised absorbency. The droplet ratings on our packs help guide which pad will match your flow and compare how absorbent each pad is against another.

Natracare Pads on a bed

Our pads have four different absorbency options, from two droplets for a light flow to five droplets for heavier bleeding.

Natracare pads different absorbency chart

Our light incontinence pads – which have their own separate requirements for absorbency range – are available in either a Slim (109ml) or Plus (176ml) absorbency.

Conventional pads can contain super absorbent polymers (SAPs) to make the pads more absorbent than necessary. Natracare pads do not, because we don’t believe crude oil materials and irritants belong next to your skin. Instead, our pads are made with certified 100% organic cotton, sustainably sourced wood pulp, and compostable plant starch.

Though a Natracare pad will absorb less than most conventional pads, they are less likely to cause skin dryness, sores, or irritation. Wearing pads that reduce contact with synthetic materials, perfumes and dyes2 is recommended3.

Quotes from customers


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