Effective Protection

Going green doesn’t mean compromising performance.


An absorbent core

Wood pulp is a naturally absorbent material, making it ideal for period protection and light incontinence. We only ever source from sustainably managed forests.

Leakproof protection

All our pads and liners are backed with a plant film which is certified compostable. This keeps you dry, just like plastic, but with the power of nature.

Soft & breathable

Feel the difference with organic cotton next to your skin! Allowing the skin to breathe more comfortably, and recommended to avoid intimate irritation.

Conventional vs natracare absorbency


All brands of tampons (natural and otherwise) follow internationally set standards for absorbency.

We offer three options to suit all levels of menstrual flow, from the very heavy to the super light.

Natracare Tampon Absorbency Table

Natracare tampons are made from only 100% organic cotton. Other tampons commonly use rayon, which is a highly absorbent fibre that rapidly absorbs menstrual blood, but at the same time can also dry out the natural protective mucous lining of the vagina. Cotton is a softer material and is less likely to dry out the vagina.


Unlike tampons, pads don’t have a standardised absorbency. The droplets on our packs help you compare how absorbent each pad is against another and are a useful indicator of how to match a pad with your flow.

Natracare pads do not contain superabsorbent gels, because we don’t believe crude oil materials and skin irritants belong in period products.

A Natracare pad will absorb less than most conventional pads, but are less likely to cause skin dryness, sores or irritation associated with wearing a pad with too high an absorbency. Our tests show that conventional pads contain at least three times more gels than needed for a “typical” period.

We know from 30 years of experience how to manage a period naturally and effectively.

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