Plastic Free Periods

Did you know that a pack of conventional pads contains up to five plastic bags worth of plastic?1

We’re here to change that, with period products that are plastic free.

With over 45 billion menstrual products used every year2, they should be plastic free by design. So, what can be done?

We ditch the plastic.

Our pads, tampons and wipes are made from renewable, biodegradable and compostable materials. They’re the period products you know and love – but unlike conventional brands, they won’t be polluting the earth for the next 500 years3.

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The Problem with Plastic in Periods

Plastic bottle

Plastic and the oceans

Marine life is at serious risk from plastic pollution.

Plastic wet wipes are frequently flushed as well as tampons and even pads! In fact, period products are the fifth most common item found washed up on Europe’s beaches4, with 2.4 million flushed down the loo every single day in the UK alone5.

Incorrectly flushed or thrown away items are found polluting the coastlines across the world.

Caring for women and health

Plastic and your body

There’s no need to make your period any more uncomfortable than it can be.

Pads and panty liners made with plastic are not as breathable. Wearing them all day (let alone all week!) can create a sweaty and uncomfortable environment for your skin.

Plastic based products are so durable that they’re often worn for far too long. This can promote unbalanced bacterial growth and lead to dermatitis style symptoms.

Caring for the planet

Plastic and the planet

Most wet wipes and period products will live longer than us!

That’s right – the plastic in period products and wipes will remain in the environment unchanged for hundreds of years.

The plastic production process releases frightening amounts of toxic pollution6, contributing to global warming. Plastic is rarely recycled as it should be and is often incinerated – creating even more toxic pollutants.

What’s the solution?

You can avoid leaks without using plastic.

Here are just some of the steps we’ve taken to avoid single-use plastic:

  • Compostable cardboard applicators for our tampons
  • Plastic-free wipes made from sustainable paper or organic cotton
  • Recycled cardboard packaging
  • We use bio-based plastic made from renewable sources, not petroleum – like our compostable leakproof backing on our pads and liners
  • Any plastic we do use is essential for product safety or function, and we are continually working towards sustainable alternatives

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Three packs of Natracare plastic free products

Celebrate your #PeriodPower

Support the “Periods without Plastic” campaign with us!

Take ownership of your period protection, and the protection of our planet when you’re on your period. By switching to plastic free period products, you help your vulva and our earth in one fell swoop – you hero.

Choosing plastic free period products is a small change that can make a HUGE difference towards positively impacting the environment and your body.

Plastic Free Living

Step up your sustainability game with our top tips for a life with less plastic

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