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Awards & Certifications

Exceptional Environmental and Ethical Quality

The environmental, sustainable and effective quality of Natracare products is at our core. We validate all our claims with independent accreditation and product certification.

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1% for the Planet

Bleed 1% better knowing you’re protecting our planet by choosing Natracare.

In 2019, we became the first ever period product brand to become members of 1% for the Planet! 1% for the Planet is an international organisation that works to join businesses, non-profits and individuals together to support the planet.

The way it works is simple: to become a 1% for the Planet member, we’ve pledged to donate 1% of our annual turnover to environmental charities and organisations. Right now, that means that we’ll proudly be donating more than £200,000 a year to causes we stand for through our membership to the network.

Having started in 2002, the 1% for the Planet community is now operating in 60 countries, with over 2,000 business members donating every single year to help give back to the planet we love. Since its beginnings, $225 million has been given to environmental causes by 1% for the Planet members.

Our giving
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Ethical Award

Natracare has the highest possible ethical rating by The Ethical Company Organisation.

Created to cut through the greenwashing policies of many brands. The Ethical Company Organisation ranks companies out of 100 for their ethics across a number of areas. The grades are published in The Good Shopping Guide in industry-based comparison tables, providing an easy way for consumers to understand the true ethics of a company and make more informed decisions.

First awarded in 2009, Natracare achieved the highest possible rating for feminine care with the best score a company can achieve: 100. The score is measured across 15 different criteria, including the environment, human rights and animal welfare. Natracare proudly continues to achieve the highest ratings in all the criteria.

About The Good Shopping Guide
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Queen’s Awards for Enterprise

The Queen’s Award for Enterprise recognises our outstanding contribution to international trade.

A prestigious achievement, the Queen’s Award celebrates UK businesses which excel in one of four categories: international trade, innovation, sustainable development, and the promotion of social mobility.

We’re proud to trade globally and sustainably. Even more so, to achieve this award in recognition of our international performance – which has grown annually since 1989.

About the Queen’s Award for Enterprise

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Vegan Approved

All Natracare products are certified vegan by The Vegetarian Society of the United Kingdom.

Formed in 1847, The Vegetarian Society’s mission is to inspire, inform and enable people to become vegetarian or vegan. The certification allows for brands to use the logo on their packaging, to clearly indicate whether a product is either suitable for vegetarians, or suitable for vegans.

We firmly believe we should take action to protect the animals we share our home with, and this shouldn’t be compromised by the products we make and use. That’s why our products have never used animal derived ingredients or been tested on animals.

Why we’re vegan
About The Vegetarian Society

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USDA Biobased

A mark guaranteeing the natural contents of a product. Be confident that the products you buy are made from natural and renewable materials, which carry the USDA Biobased logo.

A biobased product is made from renewable and biological materials. These can be from plants, agriculture, forests or marine ingredients. Moving to biobased materials helps move away from non-renewable materials like petroleum. In 2002, USDA started the BioPreferred Program to encourage more people to buy and use biobased products.

Natracare USDA Certified Biobased Products are third-party tested for their natural material contents. We use renewable materials wherever possible, because we know the value of their environmental and health benefits.

About USDA Biobased
USDA BioPreferred® Program Catalog

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Seedling Mark Compostable

Natracare Ultra, Ultra Extra, Maxi pads and panty liners are compostable industrially and proudly carry the Seedling Mark logo as validation.

The Seedling Mark proves, after testing to EN13432 and ASTM D6400 standards, that Natracare certified pads and liners can be composted industrially where facilities are available.

This allows environmentally conscious consumers to recognise the status of our period and personal care products in being able to contribute to a zero-waste economy. We’ve been working towards achieving the Seedling Mark since 2019 and are proud to be awarded it. It’s a huge step forward in continuing to take more action to support those who use period products that are both kind to our bodies and the planet.

Find the Seedling mark on the individual pages for our pads and panty liners
TÜV Database of certified products
About the Seedling Mark

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Nordic Swan Ecolabel

All Natracare pads and panty liners are certified with the Scandinavian seal of eco-friendly approval.

A trusted environmental ‘seal of approval’, Nordic Swan Ecolabel shows our products are audited for their sustainability credentials. Launched in 1989, the certification examines the environmental impact of a product’s lifecycle, guiding consumers towards making eco-friendly purchase decisions.

We wear our Swan Ecolabel with pride, knowing our products passed the strictest test of environmental standards!

Nordic Ecolabel licence Nos.:
3023 0025
3023 0026

About Nordic Swan Ecolabel

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Environmental Product Declaration

Natracare was the first period product brand to obtain an International Environmental Product Declaration (EPD).

An EPD is a scientifically validated, independently assessed lifecycle analysis of a product. This analysis determines the carbon footprint of the product. It follows ISO 14025 environmental declarations and aligns with the European standard EN 15804. The lifecycle assesses raw material, production, journey to the consumer and end of life. We know our ecological impact and carbon footprint, and it’s reassuring to be able to communicate with complete transparency.

About The International EPD System
EPD Registration Number: S-P-00135

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All the cotton Natracare uses is 100% certified organic to the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS).

GOTS is the worldwide leading indicator that the textile in a product is organic. All our cotton is certified to the Global Organic Textile Standard. This guarantees our organic cotton is grown without toxic pesticides, is non-GMO, and processed safely.

Using organic products reduces exposure to toxic pesticides, even in trace amounts. Organically grown cotton also uses less water than conventionally grown cotton and ensures better working conditions for farmers. So choosing organic is better for your body, workers, and the planet!

Learn why we’re organic
About GOTS
GOTS licence No.: X303

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Soil Association Organic

Our tampons and wipes are certified organic by the UK certification body, the Soil Association.

We achieved this certification for our tampons back in 1994, and for our wipes in 2007.

The Soil Association started in 1946 with the intention of finding the health implications of intensive farming that increased after the Second World War. They developed the world’s first organic standards in the 1960s. Today, the Soil Association certifies 70% of all organic food in the UK, and have branched out to certify in other industries, like health and beauty brands.

The Soil Association boasts some of the highest organic standards in the world, but they don’t just make them up as they go along! Their standards are set through a rigorous process of development and overseeing, conducted by external committees of experts.

The organic certification achieved by our tampons and wipes means that you can rest assured knowing they’re totally organic – better for workers, you and the planet!

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Soil Association licence No.: HB00303

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COSMOS Organic

Natracare Makeup Wipes are COSMOS-certified organic. The highest standard for organic and natural cosmetics.

Our Soil Association COSMOS organic certification makes it easier for you to choose skincare products that are made from organic ingredients and guarantee no animal testing. COSMOS organic also ensures no GM ingredients, potentially harmful ingredients, parabens or phthalates, or synthetic colours, dyes or fragrances are in our products.

Our makeup wipes are free of nasty ingredients and gentle on even the most sensitive of skin. Our COSMOS organic certification is proof that our makeup wipes are safe, organic, and free of toxic ingredients.

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About COSMOS Organic
COSMOS Organic licence No.: CS00303

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COSMOS Natural

Natracare Safe to Flush moist tissues are COSMOS Natural certified by the Soil Association.

COSMOS Natural certification guarantees that Natracare Safe to Flush moist tissues are free of chemicals of concern and meet the high standards for natural certification being independently validated by The Soil Association. It also guarantees no GM ingredients, parabens or phthalates, synthetic colours, dyes and fragrances.

Natracare Safe to Flush moist tissues are made from 100% ecologically certified paper, using an organic and natural formula to cleanse and refresh delicate skin. And of course, they’re certified Fine to Flush meaning they’re proven to break down safely after flushing!

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About COSMOS Natural
COSMOS Natural licence No.: CN00303

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It’s important to us that Natracare products are completely safe for your health, which is why most of ours are Made Safe certified.

Products certified by Made Safe have undergone vigorous screening. The certifications ensures products do not contain known or suspected toxic ingredients that could cause harm to your health. Natracare products are always made safe for you and your family to use, without risking your wellbeing.

Explore Natracare’s Made Safe products

About Made Safe

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Environmental Working Group

Natracare organic baby wipes and organic makeup remover wipes are EWG Verified. The mark signifies that a product is free of chemicals of concern and is safe to use.

Wipes should only ever use ingredients that are completely safe for your health. EWG Verified is a trusted mark that guarantees our wipes are free from chemicals of concern and designed with your family’s health in mind. Since 1993, the Environmental Working Group have campaigned for safer products. Cosmetics and personal care products too often contain undisclosed or harmful chemicals.

Our EWG Verified mark recognises Natracare’s organic baby wipes and organic makeup remover wipes meet EWG’s strictest standards for health. This means none of EWG’s chemicals of concern, with confidence of full transparency and a mark that is trusted.

View EWG Verified baby wipes
View EWG Verified makeup remover wipes
About EWG Verified

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ISO 13485

Our company, Bodywise (UK) Ltd, is quality assured and works to the international quality management standard ISO 13485:2016.

Our ISO 13485 certificate validates that we have full accountability and traceability of our products. We are independently audited every year to ensure we meet the highest standards for quality, success, and safety.

Some countries classify some Natracare products as medical devices, so it’s essential that we’re independently held to these rigorous standards. We’re ISO 13485 validated and have annual audits to check our ability to safely produce, control and trace our products. This is Natracare’s quality promise to you.

Certification Nos.:

SGS Certified Client Directory

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Fine to Flush

We created the first ever certified Fine to Flush moist toilet tissue to meet the UK Water Industry standard WIS 4-02-06.

In 2019, Water UK created the Fine to Flush certification to fight the problem of fatbergs and determine what is safe to be flushed. With rigorous testing, Fine to Flush determines if a wipe will break down quickly and completely after flushing.

There are many wipes labelled ‘flushable’, which do not break down quickly when they enter the sewer system, and these wipes would not pass the stringent testing to receive the Fine to Flush certification. This new standard is a first in clearing consumer confusion about what is safe to flush and helps reduce the problem of sewer blockages.

We launched our Safe to Flush moist tissues with the launch of the Fine to Flush certification. The first ever wipes to be certified by Water UK as sewer safe. Each wipe is 100% paper, marine friendly, and truly safe to flush.

View Safe to Flush moist tissues
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About Fine to Flush

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IWSFG Flushable

Natracare Safe to Flush moist tissues have been tested and certified to the International Water Services Flushability Group (IWSFG) Standard for flushable products.

IWSFG is an international coalition of water groups who are raising the bar for flushable products. The flushability specification means products are unlikely to cause harm to waste water services. In order for products to pass they must ensure: they break down quickly, contain no plastics and are not buoyant.

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