8 Alternative Ways to Use Your Tampons

One of your monthly essentials is likely to be a box of tampons (plastic-free and organic, we hope 😉), and you’re probably buying them for a very specific reason – you’ve got your period. But did you know that there are a whole host of other ways you could use damaged or expired tampons?

  1. Make decorations

    We know that Christmas can be an expensive time and, often, decorations are made with plastic that won’t biodegrade. Why not save your money and the planet all at once with these Natracare Christmas tree decorations? You could also have a plastic free Halloween this month with these spooky tampon decorations!

  2. Stop nosebleeds

    We all saw Channing Tatum and Amanda Bynes do it in She’s the Man, but have you actually tried it? Our vaginas aren’t the only hole that tampons are the perfect fit for. Next time you get a nosebleed, take one of our tampons and stick it up your nose to stop the bleeding!

    girl in suit with tampon up nose

  3. Emergency bandage

    If you’re out and about without a first aid kit and you need a bandage or plaster, have a hunt in your bag for a tampon! Unwrap the tampon and tape it over where you’re bleeding to absorb and stop the blood flow. In fact, did you know that tampons were even used during World War 1 to plug bullet holes while the injured waited for medical attention?

    Know what you’re putting in your body?

    No plastic or pesticide residues! Try tampons made with 100% organic cotton and nothing else.

    organic non-applicator tampons

    Make the switch today

  4. Keep warm

    As it turns out, tampons are a super handy essential to pack for any trips into the wilderness you have planned. Not only can they be used for their traditional purpose, absorbing your period blood, or for bandaging any scratches or scrapes, they could also keep you warm when the temperature drops! Cotton is a great fire tinder, so use your cotton tampons to start a fire when you need light and warmth in the great outdoors.

    tampon on fire with flame

  5. The perfect pedicure

    Giving yourself a pedicure is a great way to unwind and make yourself feel good, but where do tampons come in? Well, it turns out that our organic cotton tampons could actually be your new favorite pedicure multi-tasker. To get a more precise coat when you’re painting your toenails, use tampons to separate your toes. Then, when you fancy a switch up in colour, tear up our tampons and use them instead of cotton pads to remove the polish.

    Foot with toes separated by tampons and toenails being painted using pink polish

  6. Curl your hair

    While you’re waiting for your toes to dry, use a few more spare tampons to curl your hair. Just wrap sections of your hair around the tampons and leave them to set for a no-heat curling alternative.

  7. Cat toy

    If you’re a cat person, you could even roll your unused tampons in some catnip, making the perfect toy for your feline friend!

  8. Donate them

    Period poverty is a prominent issue for people all over the world. 1 in 10 women and girls without access to period products see their lives reach a grinding halt every month – left unable to go to school or work. So, if you have tampons (or pads!) that you won’t use but are in good condition, you can send them to charities working to end period poverty like Bloody Good Period.

    passing a tampon from one hand to another

Have you found any other weird and wonderful ways to put your expired tampons to good use? Tell us in the comments!

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3 thoughts on “8 Alternative Ways to Use Your Tampons

  1. Mel said:

    Bloody Good in fact!
    Currently reading “Its about body time. Period.” By Emma Barnett, so it’s nice to see some light hearted info about period products and period poverty – without the phrase – sanitary product mentioned – because periods are not dirty !

    • Natracare said:

      Periods are not dirty! Thanks, we’ll have to make a note to get our hands on the book for some more period positivity education 🙂

  2. Star said:

    You can also use them to clean sliding door trackers.