Camping On Your Period: Tips for Managing Menstruation in the Wild

Camping is a wonderful way to spend time in nature and detox from the grind of daily life. However, being off-grid often means you don’t have access to the usual facilities you usually rely on when you’re on your period. Spending time away from your home-comforts when menstruating might not seem appealing but actually, it’s super easy to maintain your hygiene during your period.

Here are some top tips for camping whilst on your period.

The start of your period

The first day of your period is the time for heavy bleeding. Drink plenty of liquids to stay hydrated; maybe have a cup of tea around the campfire! Allow yourself time to relax and ensure you are close to a bathroom for when you need. Pack some painkillers for cramps and comfort, and bring snacks like nuts and seeds to top up your energy levels.

Check out these other foods you should eat on your period to help ease those cramps.

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Keeping clean

Campsites can vary wildly in what facilities they offer. Wild camping is likely to be just you and a hole-in-the-ground, but a proper campsite might offer a single solar shower, with others boasting the full spectrum of washroom delights.

You’ll want to shower daily to maintain good intimate hygiene, but if that’s not on offer, it can be handy to carry around some moist tissues or intimate wipes to help keep you fresh and clean.

Stay fresh in the wilderness

Camping on your period? Use Natracare intimate wipes to keep your vulva clean, as well as your menstrual cup if you use one!

organic intimate wipes

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These are especially good if pads or menstrual cups are your period product of choice. If you have limited access to refuse facilities, you might want to take a handful of biodegradable period products that you can safely bury out in the wilderness.

Keeping active on your period

Camping is inevitably a more physical holiday than most others – there’s not much point lounging around inside a tent, after all!
Once you’re up and out into the wide world, there are so many outdoors activities to try.

Your period doesn’t have to stop you – If you’re feeling that PMS pain, doing the right types of gentle exercise – walking, cycling and swimming – can help ease cramps. Read more:

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