Refuse, Reduce, Reuse: How to Start Your Plastic Free Glow Up Today

Welcome to Plastic Free July (PFJ)! We are super excited to start this plastic free journey with you. If you haven’t already, leave a comment on our PFJ Instagram Post to join a PFJ Instagram Group to participate and win zero waste kits by incredible purpose-driven brands!

This week we are exploring the basics behind going plastic free; refuse, reduce, reuse:

  • Refuse what you don’t need
  • Reduce what you do have
  • Reuse everything you can

By reflecting on our personal lifestyle and daily habits through this 3 R lens, we can see where we can each glow up our plastic lifestyle. Refuse those extra straws in your drinks. Reduce the number of cups you need. Reuse your bags as many times as you can.

Awareness of what we do today will help us to be better in the future.

The eagle-eyed ones out there may have noticed that recycle isn’t one of the R’s. Why’s that? Over 91% of plastic waste isn’t recycled and the little bit that is recycled isn’t recycled in any meaningful sense. Many have used the term “downcycle” more appropriately. This is because the recycled plastic is used to make lower-quality plastic that still pollutes our planet and does not truly deter the problem of plastic waste.

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Unfortunately, many communities are unable to keep up with the continuously growing waste stream, creating landfills of recyclables. Instead we can focus on limiting the resources we use, toss, and pollute. 

How can we start our plastic free glow up today?

The easiest way is to start by looking at what we currently use on a daily basis. People who love their coffee (or matcha lattes and teas!) to-go can bring their own reusable coffee cup. If you often find yourself using plastic single-use straws, switch to reusable straws and #stopsucking. Do you menstruate monthly? Upgrade to Natracare period products that are organic, plastic-free, and Made Safe certified.

easy ways to cut out plastic

These small changes will make you see how simple it is to ditch disposables and refuse single use plastics and start you off on your #plasticfree journey. Let us know how you are going to cut out plastic today in the comments below and on Instagram @Natracare.

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