Bleed Better With 1% For The Planet

Today, period product company, Natracare, have announced that they will donate 1% of their annual turnover to organisations which exist to protect the environment – encouraging people to ‘Bleed 1% Better’.

Natracare is the world’s first period product brand to become a member of 1% for the Planet – the global initiative which calls for businesses, non-profits, and individuals to join forces for a stable climate, better use of land, sustainable food production, reduced pollution, cleaner water and thriving wildlife.

In 2018, the United Nations warned that we must take drastic action in order to mitigate climate change disaster.1 At a time when the work of environmental groups is more important than ever, 1% for the Planet is a driving force for good.

Natracare created the world’s first plastic-free, organic cotton tampons, sanitary pads and panty liners. Their range of organic and natural personal care products are completely biodegradable. The environment has always been at the centre of everything Natracare does – so their 1% for the Planet membership is a natural match.

Natracare are in good company – The 1% for the Planet network is made up of more than 2,000 environmentally-conscious companies and thousands of non-profit partners across 60 countries. Since the network’s launch in 2002, members have given more than $225 million to environmental causes.

Susie Hewson founded Natracare in 1989. 30 years later and Natracare’s organic, plastic-free products are sold in 80 countries. Natracare’s success is growing year by year – currently, their 1% pledge will yield over £200,000 for environmental causes.

Susie said:
Natracare is committed to give 1% for the Planet because we see ourselves as being the same as – not separate from – the ecosystems that sustain us. This planet is our home. Most humans have a tendency to take without giving back – and that mindset has caused a lot of destruction. To us, 1% doesn’t seem like much of a price to pay to support the great causes helping to keep Mother Nature thriving.

Natracare has always done business with the environment firmly in mind – and we already give a large percentage of our profits away to good causes. But we realise now, that in order to encourage other businesses to do the same, we have to shout about it!

Kate Williams, the CEO of 1% for the Planet, commented on Natracare’s pledge:
1% for the Planet is thrilled to welcome Natracare to our growing global movement. They have an inspiring 30 year legacy of creating sustainable products and developing incredible partnerships with non-profits working to create a healthier planet. We’re thrilled to be working with them as they continue to grow and innovate. Together, we can achieve more than we can alone!

Other member organisation of 1% for the planet include Pukka Herbs, the Bristol-based organic tea and herbal supplement company, and Rebel Kitchen, the dairy-free and organic drinks company.


  1. The Guardian, 2018 – We have 12 years to limit climate change catastrophe, warns UN.

Notes to editors

Natracare is the first company in the world to provide plastic-free, certified organic cotton tampons and totally chlorine-free sanitary pads and panty liners. Natracare products are biodegradable and can even be composted. Susie Hewson created the brand in 1989 in response to the growing danger to human health and the environment from dioxin pollution in the pulping industries with the chlorine bleaching of paper products.

1% for the Planet was founded in 2002 by Yvon Chouinard, founder of Patagonia, and Craig Mathews, founder of Blue Ribbon Flies. Their mission is to protect the world that our children will inherit.

You can find out more about 1% for the Planet at

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