DIY Christmas Decorations Using Period Products

It’s time to make your period more merry! If you’ve got old tampons or liners lying around, make use of them this Christmas and turn them into DIY Christmas decorations.

Check out our step-by-step guide below!

What you’ll need

How to Create Your DIY Christmas Angel Decor

  1. Unwrap your tampon
  2. Using the angel wing stencil, draw around stencil on a panty liner
  3. Flip the stencil and draw around the stencil again on the same panty liner
  4. Cut out the stencils you’ve just drawn
  5. With the glue, stick the angel wings on the tampon
  6. Glue a halo around the top of the tampon and stick on the glitter

step by step guide to diy christmas angel decor

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