How to Deal with Your Period Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Astrology is a fun way to characterize who we are and how we communicate and relate with each other, even as we get older. Although it’s not a science, the history and purpose of zodiac signs is much more than an ancient superstition. And what’s more, who doesn’t want to know their experience of the menstrual cycle in relation to their Zodiac? Read on to find out how you behave on your period based on your star sign.

♈️  Aries: March 20 – April 19

As an Aries, you are eager, competitive, and dynamic. You handle period pains by trying to channel your emotions through an activity, expressing it in a healthy way. This could mean screaming into a pillow or blasting Billie Eilish on Volume 10. If you try to ignore or suppress the moodiness and cramps that often comes along with PMS, you’ll find yourself starting nonsense arguments and forgetting why minutes later.

♉️ Taurus: April 20 – May 20

Strong, creative, and sensual, you utilize your monthly menstrual cycle as a time to recharge and reconnect with your body as you seek a sense of comfort and me time. You could be found binging Netflix in your comfy PJs while munching on your favorite fair trade, vegan chocolate ice cream. Some may find you a bit more demanding, but really you’re just feening for some more food.

♊️ Gemini: May 21 – June 20

You are versatile, curious, and expressive — and on your period, these traits only heighten. To distract you from your pain, you may go on a bender of snacking and fall down a YouTube rabbit hole of what’s happening in your body on your menstrual cycle. This is also when you tend to get extra sentimental, craving lots of cuddles and love you’s. It’s suggested you take an extra moment during this time to reflect before acting too riskily or spontaneously.

♋️ Cancer: June 21 – July 22

During your period, you can be found crying, clinging to your heating pad, and watching extra sappy movies. As an already sensitive, compassionate, and moody sign, you become more emotional with a cloudy head space and enhanced mood swings. Your method of handling the period pains and discomfort is to feel fully through it.

♌️ Leo: July 23 – August 22

A prideful, dramatic, and fiery sign, you’re not afraid to express loud and proud that you’re on your period and the pains and discomforts you’re feeling. Any non-menstruator who complains about anything better watch out because at least they don’t have to experience your period every month. Leo, you have the right to express how you feel about your pain, but be sure to express your emotions with kindness.

♍️ Virgo: August 23 – September 22

As a Virgo, you are practical, loyal, and analytical. Though you’re also easily stressed and frustrated at things you can’t fully control — like PMS. For your period, try to release control and focus more on going with the flow (no pun intended 😉).

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♎️ Libra: September 23 – October 22

When you’re on your period, don’t forget to access your own wants and needs. As a diplomatic, gracious, and social sign, you tend to feel a little shame in putting yourself first. But it’s important to take care of yourself — so you can take care of others. Take this time to slow down and indulge with your chocolate and sweets cravings. Maybe a little face mask too?

♏️ Scorpio: October 23 – November 21

Scorpios are passionate, stubborn, and resourceful. You won’t let your period slow you down. Instead, you try to power through them. In between all the fun and commitments, be sure not to forget to hydrate and rest. Rejuvenating and recuperating are just as important as being productive. Perhaps find a way to be lazy with a purpose during your next period.

♐️ Sagittarius: November 22 – December 21

You are extroverted, optimistic, and funny. When you’re on your period, you prefer to laugh through pain. You may have found yourself saying, “It’s not my fault if I’m a bitch — it’s Miss Flow’s.” As you find ways to distract you from the cramps, maybe dabble in more creative ways to express your mood.

♑️ Capricorn: December 22 – January 19

Capricorns are independent, disciplined, and tenacious. The varying and unpredictable period doesn’t usually go with your plan — but that’s okay. Try to be more open to surprises and go-with-flow with the uncertainty of life. You may also find yourself ignoring the period pains until it goes away. Sometimes it’s good to complain and let it out a bit. But if you’re experiencing intense pain, be sure to see your doctor!

♒️ Aquarius: January 20 – February 18

Uncompromising, imaginative, and deep, you prefer to experience your period solo and with lots of me time. You also tend to pick comfort over fashion. So when you’re on your period, you can be found cuddled under blankets and watching documentaries on anything from True Crime to Planet Earth.

♓️ Pisces: February 19 – March 20

As a Pisces, you are in your feelings – affectionate, empathetic, and artistic. During your period, you prefer to be at home in your pj’s with no makeup and minimal effort. Your moods are also at level 100 as you’re extra in touch with your empathetic, sensitive self. It’s good to feel your emotions, but be sure to do so in a healthy way. Restore and get yourself ready to be back on form for your next cycle.

Did we get it right? Let us know how your star sign affects your period in the comments below!

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24 thoughts on “How to Deal with Your Period Based on Your Zodiac Sign

  1. Kayleigh said:

    My period is the worst. Since I’m a Pisces I’m always tired and am always In my pjs

    • Malia said:

      I am a Aries and I got everything but my period. I hope you guys understand

  2. Maji said:

    I’m a Scorpio and I always am trying to do something because I feel like I’m not doing enough, and I forget to stay hydrated so I get tired. And it makes me mad because I wanna do more stuff

    • Miya said:

      Hi Maji set an alarm for every 2 hours and at least drink 10 glasses to hours remember you are amazing

  3. Tarodji said:

    its a 13th zodiac sign and im a gemini and in 9 finna be 10 so help me

    • Miya said:

      Watch videos that make you happy 😊
      Trust me
      Your amazing

  4. Miya said:

    Hi I’m a cancer ♋️ I think I am starting my period because all the things I read about is true

    • Miya said:

      Girls I totally no how you feel as a cancer and by the way most people say cancers are emotional by I’m a bit have you met over cancers

  5. Miya👸🏾💞💖 said:

    Hi I’m Miya
    Today I was just going on with my day then I woke up with cramps I didn’t think anything of it because it happens sometimes but after I stretched it still hurt I was doing contortion but I am a cancer I was clinging to my pillow I was not crying but imagine when I have my real one

    • Amara said:

      Miya, i can really relate I started cramping and I’m cancer so I really have trouble dealing with the pain

  6. Katie said:

    Hi lol so im a scorpio i don’t do any of that i. Useally crack out the chocolate icecream and pjs and watch anime but y’k thats me

  7. TREASURE said:

    A hell of cramps pain tiredness most of all LAZINESS

  8. Akraia.~* said:

    I can’t lie, as a sag this is so true but Hey I mean it! I’m a total b!tch on my period. The mood swings I have already just get worse it’s kinda funny tbh.

  9. Vivian H ♌️ said:

    Any Leo’s out there?

  10. Jennah said:

    Hi what if you have your b-day and it is on July 26 what is my zodiac.

    • Natracare said:

      Hey Jennah, this makes you a Leo!

  11. Mya said:

    Hi, I’m an Aries and on my first period. 12 years old not getting craps yet but what should I expect?

      • riley said:

        any Virgos out there im 10 and almost on my period

        • Natracare said:

          Woo, you’re a Virgo! All the best with your period 🙌