Why Sustainable Home Products Are a Family Must

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Becoming a parent makes us re-evaluate many things in our lives; how many hours we spend at work, whether it’s time to see more of our extended family and how much we really spend on clothes we never wear. One of the biggest considerations can also be the products we use and consume – from both a safety and sustainability point of view. An online study done by The Bump found that 69% of mums become more concerned about going green once they conceive. Here’s to all the green parents!

It’s no secret that natural and organic products are better for us and the planet. And little ones entering our lives can be a big cue to start taking this more seriously. From reducing the risk of developing of conditions like asthma and eczema, to minimising plastic waste sitting in landfill for hundreds of years – natural and eco-friendly household products are a good choice for your growing family. Here we’ll explain why and give you some tips on how to get started at home!

Why are sustainable household products important for parents?

Having children can really tug on your environmental conscience because, as a parent, you want to do the best by your family. That includes leaving your children and their children to follow with a healthy environment to thrive in.

New parents also get introduced to the idea of making sustainable changes throughout pregnancy. For example, some antenatal classes explore the benefits of using cloth nappies vs. disposable ones. Interestingly, though, antenatal classes don’t often seem to explore natural intimate health products like pads and wipes, which are essential both during and after pregnancy.

Diet is often another area where people starting a family are advised to consider changes. Mums-to-be are advised to cut back on ready meals that can contain high levels of fat, preservatives, and salt – the move away from ready meals can be a positive environmental move, too, as they often come packaged in heaps of plastic.

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Cleaning your home naturally

Many cleaning products are formulated with harsh, toxic compounds and leave chemical residues around the home on surfaces, embedded in soft furnishings and hanging in the air. These chemicals are harmful to people, to pets and to the environment. The Asthma and Lung UK warn that chemical cleaning products contribute to poor indoor air quality and can trigger asthma and eczema, especially in children.

The Coronavirus pandemic has heightened everyone’s awareness of hygiene. But encouragingly, sales of plant-based cleaning products in the UK have overshadowed that of harsh synthetic ones. So far in 2020, sales of natural cleaning products have grown by 106% compared to 94% of that of traditional ones typically full of sulphates, ammonia, and bleach.

At Clean Living, we offer a range of 100% natural and refillable cleaning products, to help us all clean with conscience©. Our products are biodegradable and non-toxic, made from formulas that work by using live cultures, natural microbes, and enzymes to clean and protect surfaces rather than relying on harsh chemicals. This makes them totally safe for use around children.

Instead of leaving chemical smells lingering in the air, Clean Living products leave a natural, fresh fragrance that won’t irritate your family’s respiratory systems. Especially when you’re cleaning kids’ bedrooms, play areas and toys. The natural Bathroom Cleaner leaves no chemical residues in the bathtub or on taps, so that bath time can be carefree and enjoyable like it should be. On top of this, our refill-reuse-recycle method means that the aluminium bottles can be reused time and time again to drastically reduce plastic waste.

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Wiping bums sustainably

Becoming a parent can bring a lot of changes. One change might be your new reliance on wipes – it can be time consuming to keep yourself and your little ones clean, and wipes offer convenience, especially when you’re on the go. Unfortunately, most conventional wipes, including baby wipes, are made using plastic and contain harsh chemicals and artificial fragrances. These ingredients can cause irritation to sensitive skin, and their plastic content means that each wipe will litter the planet for over 500 years. Natracare baby wipes are biodegradable and compostable. Made from organic cotton cloth, they’re free of potentially irritating chemicals and artificial fragrances.

After giving birth, you’ll also probably need to wear maternity pads for a while, in order to manage post-natal bleeding, or lochia. Natracare organic maternity pads are super soft for your comfort, and are plastic free to protect the world your children are being brought up in.

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Our plastic free, organic maternity pads are perfect for managing post-natal bleeding comfortably and sustainably.

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Making conscious purchasing decisions

We’re lucky to live in a time of easy access to information, which empowers us to learn how to give our children the best start. By creating a healthy environment at home, we can minimise our impact on the environment outside. It’s all about making conscious purchasing decisions. If you’re looking for some sustainable parenting inspiration, check out these:

Has having children encouraged you to become a more conscious consumer?

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