Non-Toxic Toys For Your Baby

Whether you’re a new parent, have a new member in the family, or thinking about a friend’s newborn baby, it’s nice to give gifts to celebrate.

Babies have very delicate skin and are sensitive to harmful ingredients and materials at a crucial developmental stage of life. Gifts naturally should be sustainable and help reduce exposure of unwanted chemicals with your babies skin.

Toys are a great way for newborns to learn and interact with the world, providing sensory stimulation to develop their fine motor skills, logic and spatial awareness. When buying new toys, remember to keep their bodies safe from toxic materials! The toys we’ve chosen are from ethical brands that have carefully chosen the kinds of materials they use to make their products.

Here are some of our favourite non-toxic toys for babies from some of our favourite safe companies for children:

Newborn gift bundle

Hevea offer newborn essentials and toys that are an excellent present for expecting parents, including pacifiers and organic cotton holder.


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Over 6 months

Under the Nile offer a gorgeous range of ethical, organic toys for every stage of baby development. All made with organic cotton.



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Little toddlers

Green Toys offer a toddler bundle set which includes great interactive and safely made toys.


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Bigger toddlers

Uncle Goose make a wooden blocks printed with child friendly paints. We particularly like this bird block set as a great way to get tiny ornithologists started.


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Find more at Uncle Goose

Things to consider when buying toys for you or someone else’s little one is what material the toy is made from and how the material has been treated. For example, a plastic toy, is it made from 100% recycled plastic? Does it state whether the plastic BPA-free, contains no phthalates or PVC? Is it easy to clean or dishwasher safe? Are toys packaged with widely recyclable materials? And wooden toys are historically painted with lead-based paints

Some other useful safety tips for buying children toys are:

  • Age – make sure you have the appropriate age in mind and read safety information included with toys
  • Size – for babies and younger toddlers avoid choking hazards, i.e. toys with small parts
  • Supervision – watch babies and children when they are playing

We’d love to hear what are your favourite non-toxic baby toys and brands. Let us know below.

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