Why Are We EWG VERIFIED™ for Baby Products?

We love to show our commitment to you and our planet at Natracare, which explains our slew of organic and environmental certifications. All of our products use certified organic materials and are designed with sustainability in mind. For our plastic free baby wipes, we went the extra mile by joining the Environmental Working Group (EWG) VERIFIED™ Program. Here are the 3 key reasons we are EWG VERIFIED™ for our baby products:

1. EWG won’t approve ingredients of concern

EWG VERIFIED™ products do not contain any of EWG’s ingredients of concern. Only ingredients that are proven to be safe and have not been flagged for potential health concerns by authoritative health bodies get verified. You can find out more about ingredients to avoid in baby wipes here, and why we only use 100% organic cotton cloth, water, and essential oils in our baby wipes.

2. We’re committed to full transparency

Transparency is key in gaining trust in the products you choose for you and your baby. This pillar of the EWG VERIFIED™ program is one of our favorites as it highlights the extra step brands must take to earn their verification – disclosing their ingredients. And since our beginning, Natracare has been loud and proud about everything that’s in our products – from tampons to pads to wipes. We don’t hide behind the false veil of “industry secrets”, because we know transparency is important.

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3. EWG ensures brands operate under good manufacturing practices

The final organic product you use is only a small part of the story. The journey includes the growing, processing, and extraction of natural materials, manufacturing, and distribution and transportation to stores and consumers. Each layer has the potential to immensely impact on our communities and our planet – both positively and negatively. In order to produce a better, more sustainable product, we must consider each step and its impact. We love that EWG add this extra layer to their verified program to look at the bigger picture.

Susie Hewson, owner and founder of Natracare, states:

“I pursued the EWG VERIFIED™ certification for Natracare Organic Baby Wipes because I understood that consumers need to trust brands and validate their claims. I am pleased that as well as being certified organic, EWG also verifies that our baby wipes are safe, sustainable, and ethical.”

The EWG VERIFIED™ Program is another way we have gone the extra mile to show our commitment to creating products that are lookout for our health, our planet’s health, and our neighbor’s health. You can learn more about our organic, plastic free baby wipes here. Find out more about EWG here.

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