How to Dispose of Natracare Wipes?

Natracare wipes are made with organic cotton and a plant-based formula. From intimate to baby to make-up remover wipes, they’re perfect for freshening up faces, bums, and everything in between. Our wipes are plastic free and even compostable in the right conditions. So, what’s the best way to dispose of Natracare wipes after they’ve done all their cleansing?

Composting plastic free wipes

Our favourite way to dispose of Natracare wipes is by composting! They’re compostable as they’re made from cotton and will be much faster than more robust fabrics like clothing. The natural and organic formula has a small amount of preservative to keep them fresh for use, this shouldn’t have any effect on your compost but is worth noting. You won’t want a compost heap made up entirely of wipes as the balance of green and brown waste makes for healthier compost. Natracare wipes are a fine addition to any compost bin and composting is a great disposal method.

Wipes in the brown-waste bin

It is also possible to industrially compost Natracare wipes. This way might be preferred if you don’t have access to a compost bin at home and still want to avoid contributing to landfills. Check with your local authority to see if they’ll accept 100% plastic free wipes in their commercial compost facilities. As they’re biodegradable, Natracare wipes can contribute to a circular economy after use.

Choose plastic free wipes

All Natracare wipes, including our makeup wipes, are plastic free and compostable!

organic make-up remover wipes

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Burning biodegradable wipes

There is also the option to burn Natracare wipes after use. Fire may seem a little extreme but trust us, this is a totally practical method! This is a great choice if you’re using Natracare wipes whilst camping or trekking and want to reduce your waste footprint. Please note that you will want to air dry them before doing this to help reduce smoke on a fire.

Wipes out with your regular waste

If composting and other methods aren’t available to you, you can simply throw away Natracare wipes with your regular waste. This is a completely okay way to throw them away. As they’re made with natural materials, they won’t further contribute to the toxicity of landfill sites like their plastic-made counterparts and will eventually biodegrade safely.

A note on how not to dispose of wipes

Wipes are not for flushing. Being biodegradable or compostable is not the same as being flushable. We have a big logo saying do not flush on the front of all our cotton wipe packs as we know this is a major problem for many water companies to deal with. If you really would prefer a certified flushable option, Natracare still has you covered with our 100% paper moist tissues which break down safely after flushing. These are certified flushable by Water UK and the IWSFG.

Flush Responsibly

You should only ever flush the 3P’s: pee, paper, and poo! Luckily, our Safe to Flush Moist Tissues are made entirely of paper!

safe to flush flushable wipes

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How to dispose of wipes packaging

You now know how to dispose of our wipes in multiple ways, but what about the packaging they come in? Natracare wipes come in resealable plastic packaging which keeps them fresh, moist, and ready for use. The plastic we use is made from polypropylene (recycle code 5) and is widely recyclable in many countries. As ever, we recommend you check with your local authority or collection points. We strive to minimise our use of plastic and only ever use it when it’s essential for the safety and function of our products. We’ve made a conscious decision to ensure that it is easily recyclable and will move to ever more sustainable options as they become available.

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