9 Tips For Running On Your Period

Exercising seems like a struggle – no, wait – everything seems like a struggle when you’re on your period. And if you’re a regular runner, you know that your morning jog on your period can be filled with dread and embarrassment – Am I leaking? Am I going to get cramps? Will I have to embarrassingly quit half way through?

We hate to sound like a broken record but running – even on your time of the month – can be great for you, especially for beating the bloat, easing the cramps, and sleeping soundly on your period… sounds dreamy, right? If you still want to get a sweat on, here are our 9 top tips for running on your period.

1 – Eat well

If there’s one thing periods are good at, it’s forcing you to feel sluggish. Scoffing your face with leftover pizza is a bad move if you want to get those energy levels up (no matter how hard it is to resist!). Find out what 9 foods you should eat on your period to help cramps here.

2 – Rest well

With the discomfort you can feel, sleeping seems almost impossible. But if you’ve got a run planned, fill up that hot water bottle, light those candles and get stuck into that book you’re reading because an early night is essential for your morning energy!

3 – Wear the right menstrual products

Whether it’s pads or tampons, using plastic period products can feel uncomfortable and sweaty. Choosing organic, plastic free products instead allows your skin to breathe.

4 – Wear the right underwear

Wearing comfortable, breathable underwear that lets your pads stick on securely will make your run less of a stress and a mess.

5 – Stretch

When it comes to working out, stretching goes without saying, but it’s super important when you’re menstruating to help to ease your cramps

6 – Take it slow

Don’t force yourself to beat your personal best or go the distance, making it out the door is an achievement in itself! Take your time and only if you feel like you can push yourself should you go for it.

7 – Breathe naturally

We’re always told “in through the nose, out through the mouth” but in this instance, breathe how your body wants you to. Your body knows the best way to get oxygen to your muscles so don’t limit how much you’ll take in.

8 – Stay hydrated

Being on the time of the month means you’re losing extra fluid on top of the beads of sweat, so carry a reusable bottle throughout the day to make sure you’re drinking more water.

9 – Wardrobe change

For a little peace of mind, you might want to wear extra layers or choose your darker workout clothes. It’ll be one less thing to worry about!

If running still isn’t right for you, you could try yoga instead! Check out our advice for doing yoga when you’re menstruating.

Tiredness can easily get the better of you during your period too. It’s important to listen to your body and take it easy when you need to, especially during your time of the month.

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3 thoughts on “9 Tips For Running On Your Period

  1. Laila said:

    Hey, I have a question. Can my period be an excuse for Field day? I’m just curious..

    • Laila said:

      I have more questions too!, Sorry!
      – Is it okay to wear shorts on my period..?
      – What if my period is halfway though ending?, Can I still run?
      – Can I still run if my field day includes these things i’m concerned about doing? Rolling, Jumping over hurdles, and Jumping,

  2. Mags said:

    How am I supposed to run when I can’t even get up in the morning cause of how bad my cramps are any tips for that?