Sleeping On Your Period: How to Get Better Sleep

With World Sleep Day on the way, we’ve been thinking about why it’s important to get a good night’s sleep. The reason why humans need so much sleep, compared to other species, is still largely a mystery. What we do know about a good night’s sleep is that it improves your concentration and productivity; it’s key for good mental health; protects your physical health, and helps boost your immune system.

But sleeping on your period has its difficulties; between feeling uncomfortable, awareness of your menstrual products and worrying about whether or not you’ll wake up to a puddle of blood, sleeping while bleeding can be tricky…

Sleep is vital and we want everyone – especially when it’s their time of the month – to get their dreamy eight hours.

Here are our fool proof ways to get better sleep on your period.

Keep the bedroom cool

During your period, your body temperature increases. On colder days this is a dream. But when you’re sweaty and struggling to get comfortable, it can become a nightmare.

Swap your sheets, leave the window slightly open to allow for fresh airflow and turn the thermostat down a little during your period week. Perhaps it’s even the perfect excuse to tuck into some tasty sorbet.

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Be rid of any leaking worry

Anxious thoughts are enough to keep anyone awake at night, and leaking through underwear, pyjama bottoms or even all the way down to the mattress can play on your mind when you’re on your period. Check out our blog for tips on how to rid your mind of worry and stop period leaks night.

Choose to snooze

Your period products can make or break your sleep.
Natracare organic cotton maxi pads are soft and absorbent to help you catch some zzz’s.

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Transform your sleep


Feelings of anxiety and depression can heighten when you’re on your period because of natural changes in your hormone balance. This can also keep some people up at night.

Be kind to yourself and listen to your body. If you are able and willing, exercise can really help. Whether you choose a quick session at the gym or some gentle pre-sleep yoga, the endorphins will help you feel much more relaxed. Check out the top 5 exercises to do whilst menstruating.

Use comfortable period products

The products you choose make a huge difference on how comfortable you feel during your period. Many conventional products contain plastic, pesticides, chemicals and undisclosed fragrances which cause clamminess, itching and irritation. It’s important to protect your body and use products that look after you – and the planet, for that matter.

Alleviate cramps

Some of us are lucky enough to experience cramp-free periods every month, and others are a lot less so. There are ways to help ease menstrual pain, try a few from below or use what works for you:

  • Lying in the foetal position relieves tension and takes pressure off your abdominal muscles
  • Keeping a hot water bottle close to hand is a good way to soothe muscle craps
  • Eating the right foods will help soothe your stomach and balance your hormone levels. Why not try these 9 foods to help with cramps?

Your diet

Eating lighter more frequent meals, staying hydrated, and avoiding sugary foods, alcohol and caffeine all play a part in how you’ll sleep during your period. If you’re looking for a way through the mental fog that can sometimes appear around your period, this guide to period-friendly foods might help you keep up your energy and avoid that afternoon slump. Find out more on how to avoid menstrual fatigue.

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Stick to a routine

Falling asleep and waking up at the same time everyday means your body and mind knows when to prepare itself to feel tired and awake, which means PMS is less likely to have you napping at your desk during lunch. Another important thing to consider in our modern world is good sleep hygiene – do you have your phone next to your pillow? Do you check Instagram last thing at night and first thing when you wake up? If so, you might be disturbing your sleep. Swap the phone for a good book and read a few pages before nodding off.

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