Can You Sleep With a Tampon In?

Your period may leave you feeling anxious about leaking during the night or fatigued, trudging through a battlefield of cramps. How are you supposed to wake up feeling refreshed in these conditions?

If you aren’t sure if you should sleep with a tampon in, then you might also struggle to sleep well. Most tampon brands, including us at Natracare, recommend switching to pads overnight to reduce risk of Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS), but is sleeping with a tampon in really that risky? Here’s what we know:

Can you wear a tampon to bed?

In short, no – you shouldn’t wear a tampon to bed for the night. We recommend that you change your tampon every 4-6 hours . Since between 6 and 9 hours is the recommended amount of sleep for an adult each day, you’re likely to be in bed for longer than you should wear a tampon for.

What happens if you sleep with a tampon in?

Our hope is nothing will happen if you sleep with a tampon in but wearing tampons for longer than recommended without changing them can put you at greater risk of getting TSS. TSS is caused by bacteria growth inside your body, releasing harmful toxins. Wearing a tampon for too long, or with too high an absorbency for your flow, can promote this bacteria growth inside your body.

TSS is a rare but serious disease and can even be life-threatening. It should never be dismissed. The symptoms can come on suddenly and worsen very quickly. Because of the nature of TSS and how much of a risk it can pose in a short space of time, it’s a good idea to take precautions for reducing your chances of getting the infection.

So, is it okay to sleep with a tampon in?

While sleeping with a tampon overnight isn’t guaranteed to give you Toxic Shock Syndrome, it does increase the risk. This means it’s better to avoid sleeping with a tampon in. Instead, try using an external period product at night, like pads or even panty liners towards the end of your period.

Choose to snooze

Your period products can make or break your sleep.
Natracare pads are soft and absorbent to help you catch some zzz’s.

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Transform your sleep

Not only will this reduce your risk of getting TSS, but it might also help to get a good night’s sleep knowing that you’re choosing period products that are designed for use at night.

Now that you know which period products you can and can’t sleep in, here are some tips for getting a better night’s sleep on your period.

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4 thoughts on “Can You Sleep With a Tampon In?

  1. John said:

    Thanks for the great advice it is something to always remember.

  2. Mary said:

    I started using these natracare tampons and panty liners and also their pads months ago and i can swear by them. The yeast infections that i used to get from various pads and other tampon brands no longer affect my vagina .Im so happy to have discovered this product and i feel less anxious when my period is about to begin.

    • Natracare said:

      Hey Mary, thanks for sharing your experience, we’re glad to read that you are not anxious about going on your period. We love to see this 🙌