3 Ways Dads Can Support Their Child’s Period

This blog post is guest written by Jeff Bogle from Out With The Kids.

Hey dad, you’re probably super busy staying 6-feet apart from your fellow shoppers at the grocery store or binge watching that old television series for the umpteenth time from the safety of your family room sofa, so I’m going to cut straight to the point: Talking to your daughter about her period shouldn’t be weird, gross, or awkward for you.

Of course, it may be all of those things for her at first, but menstruation is nothing to be ashamed of – and your daughter deserves to feel that. Luckily, you’re the perfect candidate to help her with this!

You can support your daughter’s periods during lockdown and every month afterwards by considering three easy things listed below. You’ll not only give your daughter the support that she needs and deserves, but you’ll also help to shatter the lazy stereotype that men are uncomfortable discussing ‘that time of the month’.

1 – Communication

Being present and available for your daughter to talk about her menstrual cycle and any physical and emotional changes she experiences, or anything else on her mind is crucial. The importance of having this open dialogue with your daughter from a very young age can’t be stressed enough. Communication is even more critical today, as we all move further into a changed world, one that is more uncertain than ever. Our daughters need to rely on us for emotional and everyday support – especially when they aren’t in school or seeing friends. In short, a girl needs her dad to be there, present, and available, for every part of her life.

Here’s the thing though, dad: You probably won’t be needed to fix or solve anything — and I get it, the urge to do so is innate and powerful, but resist it!

Instead, simply keep your ears, mind, and heart open and unjudging to receive her story as it evolves over time. It will help her gain confidence speaking on the topic; preparing her to communicate to doctors during appointments and wherever else she may need to speak about her period. In doing so, your dad-daughter relationship will also evolve and grow into a bond that will be darn-near unbreakable.

2 – Shopping

Sometimes you will be called upon to pick up period products at the store. This is just the reality of the situation. And unless you do self-checkout, this means putting pads and tampons on the conveyer belt for the cashier to see and scan. You know it’s cool though. That there’s nothing at all to be embarrassed about. So, pick whichever checkout lane you’d like, pops!

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3 – Laundry

Menstrual blood is going to get on stuff — that’s just another fact of life with daughters. But you’ve got this! With some elbow grease and a little know-how, you’ll be able to remove period blood from just about anything. You have to treat the stain right away, putting some of the detergent straight onto it (try dish soap too, that stuff is magic in some stain situations) and thoroughly rubbing it in. Let that sit and marinate for a bit before washing, and check that the stain is sufficiently out before drying, because a dry cycle may set the stain in for good. If you need another go, grab a coarse sponge and scrub with everything you’ve got, then wash again. Voila! Her favorite underwear, pair of shorts, or duvet covers is as good as new!

By fully supporting your daughters’ periods, you are going to be amazed at how much your relationship grows and is strengthened by opening up your heart and mind to this critical part of their young lives. And those incredible girls are going to know that they’ve got the best #GirlDad in town!

How are you supporting your daughter through her menstrual cycle? Tell us in the comments below!

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