Natracare’s Eco-Friendly Christmas Gift Ideas

Snow dusted christmas parcels

Do you have loved ones you want to shower with gifts but you don’t want to contribute to the environmental fall-out of our culture’s annual Christmas spurge? Or maybe you want to give gifts that don’t contain toxic chemicals to a special little person in your life?

If you’ve landed on the Natracare website, it’s likely that you’re a green-minded person, so we’ve come up with a few guides to eco-friendly gift giving which we hope you find useful.

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Non-Toxic Toys For Your Baby

baby amongst their toys

Whether you’re a new mum, have a new family member, or thinking about a new addition to your friends family, it’s always nice to buy babies gifts for Christmas.

Babies have very delicate skin and are sensitive to harmful ingredients and materials at a crucial developmental stage of life. Gifts naturally should be sustainable and help reduce exposure of unwanted chemicals with your babies skin.

Toys are a great way for newborns to learn and interact with the world, providing sensory stimulation to develop their fine motor skills, logic and spatial awareness. When buying new toys, remember to keep their bodies safe from toxic materials! The toys we’ve chosen are from ethical brands that have carefully chosen the kinds of materials they use to make their products.
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How to Have a More Eco-Friendly Sustainable Thanksgiving

thanksgiving iconography

Thanksgiving is a beautiful time of the year that reminds us to take a moment to slow down and be grateful for the people we love, the accomplishes we’ve made, and the struggles we’ve overcome.

However, the holidays also tend come with a lot of waste with 40% of all the edible food in the United States ending up in the landfill.  To help us combat the waste and be grateful to our marvelous planet this holiday, we’ve compiled a few of our favorite tips to stay green while giving thanks:

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5 Shocking Period Poverty Facts and How to Help

blood red orange

Natracare has joined The Environmenstrual Coalition, a group of like-minded organisations taking #PeriodAction for healthy, eco-friendly menstrual products. 

Together with activists, menstrual-preneurs, social enterprises, and businesses, we are coming together to make a big noise about periods during the Environmenstrual Week of Action, 13th-20th October. The Week of Action is a national campaign led by Women’s Environmental Network (WEN) and seeks to amplify the message that access to safe menstrual products shouldn’t be a privilege of the few, but a fundamental right for the many. Want to know why we’re taking #PeriodAction now? Continue reading

Seven Superfoods and Simple Ways to Use Them in your Meals

Breakfast bowl

The word Superfood sounds like an impressive foodie term but the definition is actually really simple – a superfood is a food that is especially rich in nutrients, and is usually plant-based. We’re advocates of vegan and vegetarian cooking and we believe that everybody could do with more plant-based nutrients! But how do you incorporate so-called superfoods into your everyday meals?

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