What is The Healthy Baby Guide?

the healthy baby guide made safe

If you’re thinking of having a baby, or perhaps you’ve already got young children, then you’ll be thankful to discover the Healthy Baby Guide. It is a really comprehensive kit with all the essentials about protecting your family from harmful chemicals.

We spoke to Cassidy Randall from Made Safe to learn more about why they’ve produced this guide and what her top tips are for parents.


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Vegan cookbook top picks!

Rachael's Vegan cookbook review

Fancy going vegan? Perhaps you’re tempted but need some foody inspiration.

This Veganuary (Vegan January!) our lovely team member Rachael has been testing out some cookbooks. Here are three of her favourites, including her top recipe picks from each book.

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12 Eco Steps For A Greener 2018

12 eco challenges 2018

Your New Year’s resolutions may already be decided and underway and we hope they are going well. Having a big list of changes to make to your life all at once can be a little overwhelming as way to start the year. We thought why not make a small change for each passing month in 2018? Here are 12 fantastic small steps to challenge yourself (in a lovely way) to make 2018 more sustainable and help create meaningful change in the world. Read on below. Continue reading

12 Days of Christmas Giving 2017

12 days of Christmas giving from natracare

‘Tis the season of spreading Christmas joy and goodwill, an important time to reach out to people in need.

For Natracare our work goes far beyond personal care products. We are a brand that thrives on supporting local, national and global organisations and initiatives all year round. For the 12 days of Christmas we want to share with you a selection of 12 of the wonderful causes that we partnered with in 2017 and the amazing work they are doing.

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Ethical Christmas Treats: The Rundown

ethical christmas treats

The lead up to Christmas usually involves eating as many sugar-coated things as humanly possible… well that’s certainly the way its going here at Natracare. But as we enter this period of treating ourselves and our loved ones, its important to be conscious about our indulgences. Here at Natracare, we thought we’d save you the hassle and research some tasty ethical Christmas treats. Let us be the shining star that guides you to keep your choices conscious and your belly ethically full this Christmas…

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Happy Thanksgiving 2017

thanks giving 2017

Here at Natracare HQ, we admit that it took a bit of head-scratching to think of some fantastic, inspiring and encouraging events that we can be thankful for this year. However, once we got warmed up, the ideas kept flowing. We found that there were actually many things to be thankful for in 2017 and it put us all in a much better mood! Here are some of our favorite and heartwarming things from the last year to which we give our thanks:

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Why We Need Organic Heroes: To #ChooseOrganic is to Change The World

Let us tell you a story about our organic hero Susie Hewson, a woman who wanted to make a change in the world – a woman who saw something fundamentally wrong and infuriating and was driven to do something exceptional in order to change it. The story goes back a little, maybe even before your time, back to 1989. Imagine an old TV set – with those curvy screens and big backsides – the picture is a little fuzzy, and you give the aerial a twist, the picture is still a bit blurry and undefined and you’re not quite sure if you like what you see, another tweak here and there, there we go. But the clear picture is much dirtier that you would have ever even imagined…

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The Next Taboo – Why we should no longer be silent about incontinence

inco header

Aren’t you tired of “Oops I sneezed” advertisements telling you that you should be ashamed of your stress incontinence? We are. One in three of all 20-85 year olds suffers from some sort of bladder weakness. Yes, that’s right – one in three. That’s around 6 million people in the UK alone. Yet we are still making a big effort to keep the issue on the down low, despite how glaringly prevalent it is. So what is it and why do we need to start talking about it?

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