Plastics Are Forever – Earth Day 2018

plastic pollution earth day 2018What is plastic?

Plastic is a man-made substance, which is produced by heating and processing finite crude oil and adding other chemicals to it. You’re using it right now – it’s part of your computer, phone, and tablet. There’s most likely microplastic in the chair you’re sat in and the clothes you’re wearing! What can we do this Earth Day to be part of the solution to a growing plastic pollution problem?

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Meet Eva Fernandes: Baby Bank Network Closing The Poverty & Parenting Gap

baby bank networkMeet the Bristol-based charity, the Baby Bank Network. Founded by Eva Fernandes and Becky Gilbert, the charity re-purposes old baby gear and much-needed supplies for parents in need. Between March and June we have teamed up with a local health food shop chain, The Better Food Company in Bristol to help raise money for them.

We met up with BBN’s co-founder, Eva Fernandes, to get an insight into their amazing work and how the money raised will be used! So, what is Baby Bank Network all about?

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How To Get A Good Night’s Sleep

With National Napping Day on 12th March and World Sleep Day on the 16th March, we’ve being thinking about how to optimise our shut-eye this week.  Here are some fantastic tips on how to get yourself a good night’s sleep.

Sleep is vitally important to our physical and mental health. Not getting enough sleep can have serious impacts, not least on productivity – we all know that feeling of nodding off at our desk. It’s also been a great excuse to look at cute Insta snaps of sleepy animals!

The Natracare team have agreed our sleeping patterns definitely could do with some work. We wanted to take this international day of sleep to scour the internet for the best tips to help you get your 8 hours! Here’s what we found…

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Sustainable Fashion: What Are You Wearing?

 sustainable fashion

What’s the difference between ‘sustainable’ fashion and ‘ethical’ fashion? It’s easy to be confused as there is some overlap but it’s worth understanding how the two differ.

Sustainable fashion focusses on the materials you wear, the processes of manufacture and the environmental damage they cause. Ethical fashion looks at the rights and working conditions of those making the products.

So what materials and processes you should be watching out for to be truly sustainable with what you are wearing? Read on.

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Ethical Fashion: 6 essential questions to ask

ethical fashion 6 essential questions

For the ethical and eco-conscious shopper the fashion industry can seem like a megalith: unapproachable, aloof and too large for us to combat.

However your decisions, both big and small, make all the difference. So when it comes to buying yourself some new threads here are 6 simple and essential questions you should be asking yourself to move to a more ethical buying journey.

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What is The Healthy Baby Guide?

the healthy baby guide made safe

If you’re thinking of having a baby, or perhaps you’ve already got young children, then you’ll be thankful to discover the Healthy Baby Guide. It is a really comprehensive kit with all the essentials about protecting your family from harmful chemicals.

We spoke to Cassidy Randall from Made Safe to learn more about why they’ve produced this guide and what her top tips are for parents.


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Vegan cookbook top picks!

Rachael's Vegan cookbook review

Fancy going vegan? Perhaps you’re tempted but need some foody inspiration.

This Veganuary (Vegan January!) our lovely team member Rachael has been testing out some cookbooks. Here are three of her favourites, including her top recipe picks from each book.

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