Natracare x One Planet Matters: Creating change in communities

The Earth’s biodiversity is rich – we harbour a variety of living species from plants, animals and bacteria that all play their part in a well-functioning eco system. However, as concerns continue to grow about the planet amid the rise of climate change, there has never been a better time to contribute to communities and organisations that put the planet first. By each of us contributing on a local scale, we pave the way for a larger impact.

That’s where One Planet Matters comes in. One Planet Matters and Natracare share a very common goal: to create change that benefits both people and the planet. That is why through the 1% for the Planet initiative, we are proud to partner with One Planet Matters as part of our 1% for the planet donations.

What is One Planet Matters?

Since 2021, One Planet Matters has been working with a range of groups such as stakeholders, schools and community centres in South Gloucestershire to create networks and spaces that promote biodiversity in local communities.

One Planet Matters in Bristol tree planting

One Planet Matters also takes action to support positive health and wellbeing for those in these communities , as well as creating a food network that can support more families who use food clubs, community kitchens and food banks to have access to fresh fruit and vegetables.

How is Natracare’s donation being used

We are delighted that the money we contribute through the 1% for the Planet partnership will be used to:

  • Help develop the Nature, Health and Wellness Network alongside Hanham Health.
  • Enable collaboration with Frome Valley Growing Project who also run community-based programs.
  • Further ensure One Planet Matters can receive a surplus of plants and vegetables that can be used by the One Planet Matters School Network. This encourages schools to get involved and start their own growing journey. Any extra fruit and veggies left over from this will then be donated to Family Action and food clubs.

One Planet Matters tea station in Bristol

The Nature, Health and Wellness Network, once established, will also provide the local community with holistic health opportunities through green prescribing which can include a wide range of activities. Gardening, helping to maintain the new orchard and planting wildflowers to further boost the biodiversity of the area is one such activity.

The network will also enable holistic therapists to offer their services in support of health and wellbeing, such as yoga, reiki and mindful walks which can be held in the beautiful open spaces and community spaces within the network.

The Natracare team gets stuck in

Our team were not afraid to get stuck in as we joined One Planet Matters at Hanham Health to help plant a new orchard.

Group photo of One Planet Matters volunteers in Bristol

We learnt so much from the growing project, from how to plant trees to avoid root spiraling to the many species names that we planted that day.

We are proud to join One Planet Matters as we take actions together to continue championing sustainability, supporting the local community and creating positive change for people and the planet.

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