Natracare Pads And Panty Liners Are First To Become Seedling Certified Compostable

Natracare, a woman-owned and environmentally conscious company, is proud to announce that their Ultra, Ultra Extra and Maxi pads and panty liners are compostable industrially, according to the European standard EN 13432 and ASTM D6400. A pioneering first step for period and personal care products to achieve recognition for their ability to turn into compost in the right conditions.

The Seedling certification is only awarded to products that are compostable in commercial composting conditions. Meaning when disposed of correctly, Natracare products are proven to become valuable compost which can be used to enrich soils at end of life.

Seedling Mark Industrially Compostable Logo

“Designing for change needs validation since green claims are becoming profuse. The quest was always to design period products which are bio-recyclable, rather than dumping to unsustainable landfill,” says Natracare Founder Susie Hewson.

“These products are free of heavy metals and other pollutants, and pass Ecotoxicity testing. When composted, the material can be used as mulch to improve soil, or as a medium to grow fruit and veg. I am proud that Natracare’s aim has been achieved and always in the right direction for nature.”

Studies show that a pack of conventional, non-compostable period pads contains the equivalent amount of plastic as 5 carrier bags. On average, that’s 36g of plastic in each pack of pads1.

Natracare carefully create their products using plant-based materials that are kinder to the planet. One of the many ways they do this is by making their products naturally compostable.

In recent years, there has been a substantial growth of greenwashing. This is a tactic a company might use to appear environmentally friendly, without meaningfully reducing its environmental impact2.

Many brands may claim to be biodegradable and compostable but may have little to no evidence to back their claims. The Seedling certification helps validate Natracare’s environmental credentials by showing that a range of their products are industrially compostable.

A product is certified as industrially compostable when it breaks down in a plant under controlled conditions. When successfully composted, it will leave nothing behind but water, biomass, and carbon dioxide (CO2)3.

This is incredibly important for our environment, especially when you consider:

  • Those with periods use an average of 11,000 period products in their lifetime4
  • Litter pickers recorded 4.8 pieces of period waste for every 100M of beach5
  • Menstrual products are the 5th most common item you’ll find polluting European sea shores6

Both Natracare’s pads and panty liners will break down into organic matter and return to soil when composted. Each is made with a certified organic cotton cover, ecologically certified wood pulp and non-GMO bioplastic. These plant-based pads and panty liners are also gynecologist recommended7 and suitable for those with sensitive skin or with allergies8.

Natracare products that are now identified as industrially compostable include:

  • All Ultra Pads
  • All Ultra Extra Pads
  • All Maxi Pads
  • All Panty Liners*

*excluding the ultra thin organic cotton panty liners.

The Seedling logo will rollout on Natracare packaging later in 2024. Natracare offers an extensive range of products including different styles and absorbencies of period and personal care products. They are designed to suit every life stage and body shape and are guaranteed to be made with materials that are:

  • Plant-based
  • Totally Chlorine Free
  • Vegan
  • No petroleum-based plastic or superabsorbents (SAPs)


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Notes to editors

Natracare is the first company in the world to provide plastic-free, certified organic cotton tampons and totally chlorine-free sanitary pads and panty liners. Natracare products are biodegradable and can even be composted. Susie Hewson created the brand in 1989 in response to the growing danger to human health and the environment from dioxin pollution in the pulping industries with the chlorine bleaching of paper products.

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