Natracare, what we’re made of

What a product is made of is important to the person buying the product but it should also be important to the person selling it.

This year during Organic Beauty and Wellbeing Week the Soil Association are turning the spotlight on organic brands and what they are made of. At Natracare we are committed to using best practices and organic ingredients wherever we can. Why? Let’s ask the individuals behind the brand.

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International Women’s Day – Who Inspires You?

international womens day 2018In celebration of International Women’s Day, we asked the women and men at Natracare HQ to tell us about an outstanding woman who inspires them! Here are some of the women we love!

Katherine Johnson: I recently watched Hidden Figures and was so inspired by the story of Katherine Johnson, a mathematician who worked at NASA from the 1950s until her retirement in the 1980s. During those early years Katherine faced a double discrimination of both racial segregation and working in a male-dominated field. Her story of overcoming these massive obstacles, and proving her intelligence and abilities in the field of mathematics, computer science and aerospace, is one that everyone should know.

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12 Days of Christmas Giving 2017

12 days of Christmas giving from natracare

‘Tis the season of spreading Christmas joy and goodwill, an important time to reach out to people in need.

For Natracare our work goes far beyond personal care products. We are a brand that thrives on supporting local, national and global organisations and initiatives all year round. For the 12 days of Christmas we want to share with you a selection of 12 of the wonderful causes that we partnered with in 2017 and the amazing work they are doing.

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Ethical Christmas Treats: The Rundown

ethical christmas treats

The lead up to Christmas usually involves eating as many sugar-coated things as humanly possible… well that’s certainly the way its going here at Natracare. But as we enter this period of treating ourselves and our loved ones, its important to be conscious about our indulgences. Here at Natracare, we thought we’d save you the hassle and research some tasty ethical Christmas treats. Let us be the shining star that guides you to keep your choices conscious and your belly ethically full this Christmas…

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Happy Thanksgiving 2017

thanks giving 2017

Here at Natracare HQ, we admit that it took a bit of head-scratching to think of some fantastic, inspiring and encouraging events that we can be thankful for this year. However, once we got warmed up, the ideas kept flowing. We found that there were actually many things to be thankful for in 2017 and it put us all in a much better mood! Here are some of our favorite and heartwarming things from the last year to which we give our thanks:

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Bristol Grand Prix Showcases Women’s Cycling

Women’s sport is starting to create space for itself in a much deserved spotlight – finally! After the recent successes of the Women’s Euro Football Cup and currently the Women’s Rugby World Cup, women are starting to get better and rightly earned coverage. No doubt there is still an incredibly long way to go, but it’s good to see change. There is clearly a thirst to see all genders take to the sporting stage. This Saturday will offer one such event in Bristol. The hilly, windy streets will transform into a super-speed highway for cyclists taking part in the annual Bristol Grand Prix.

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The Butterfly Effect – Tembe’s Wild Dogs

Guest Post: Clinton Wright, Senior Ecologist and co-founder of the The Wildlife Tomorrow Fund

Big things are made of small things. A nucleus with electrons form an atom. Atoms make up matter. Matter makes up our world. Little things combine into big things.

In 2008 I reached a crossroads. Life had slowly taken me off my path and into the corporate world, and away from wildlife. It wasn’t a sudden change, but a slow process that happens over years and, although my life felt like an uncomfortable coat, like someone else’s life, I was barely aware of it. I was lucky – I had a chance to re-assess, correct, and do so without impacting a family, partner, or friends. I could do it and I did. As much as I was able to contemplate these changes, it wouldn’t have been possible without the right backing that builds confidence and allows for the change to happen. That’s what Natracare was for me. Continue reading