Safe to Flush Moist Tissues Just Got Even More Flushable with IWSFG

Natracare Safe to Flush Moist Tissues are now certified flushable by two certifications! In addition to the Fine to Flush certification from Water UK, they are now certified flushable by the International Water Services Flushability Group (IWSFG) standard for flushability.

Why is it important to be certified flushable? Globally, there are big problems with products being incorrectly flushed. From fatbergs the size of busses, to clogged pumps and overloaded sewers. Not only is it a huge financial drain to repair damages (which gets reflected in our water utility bills), but it also has environmental costs.

Wet wipes are one of the largest offenders for incorrect flushing. Brands can falsely label wipes as flushable when they aren’t. Many of these wipes contain viscose and secret plastics which are damaging to our sewers and the environment.

These wipes disappear down the toilet bowl – out of sight, out of mind – but they aren’t able to pass through waste water systems safely, creating more problems. What is the solution? The IWSFG created a specification for items which can be safely flushed. Key criteria for a product to pass include:

  • Breaks into small pieces quickly;
  • Must not be buoyant;
  • Does not contain plastic.

IWSFG is a coalition of different water services and authorities from across the world helping to look out for our drains. IWSFG certification and coalition means that Safe to Flush Moist Tissues are recognised as safely flushable in Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Spain, Canada, the USA and more. The flushable certifications help validate claims and provide much needed trust. We need the confidence to know they have gone through a rigorous process of testing to ensure they really can flush and not be part of the problem. Natracare Moist Tissues are made with 100% paper and infused with a natural and organic cleansing formula.

Safe to Flush?

Yes, discover Safe to Flush Moist Tisses with cleansing aloe vera and witch hazel today

safe to flush flushable wipes

Make the switch

At Natracare, we believe there is no need for wipes to contain plastic. It adds to single-use plastic pollution for a quick convenient wipe, when there is an abundance of renewable natural materials which can be used, like paper or cotton. It is a given that any certified flushable wipe will not contain plastic. However, we think the industry can and should go further by banning the use of plastic in all wet wipes, whether certified flushable or not. Whilst the issue of incorrect flushing persists, brands of wipes have a responsibility to stem the rise of marine plastic pollution at the source: their wipes.

All Natracare wipes are proudly plastic free.

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2 thoughts on “Safe to Flush Moist Tissues Just Got Even More Flushable with IWSFG

  1. Barbara said:

    Wouldn’t it be good if you produced a handbag/pocket sized pack of wipes for when we are away from home. How ‘convenient’!!

  2. Veronica said:

    I read a review where they said it wouldn’t break down.
    Not true!! I a test in a jar of water it broke down like toilet paper would!
    Would like to know if they are safe for your own septic tank.