Top Tips for Zero Waste Week

Living “Zero Waste” is more of a goal than a realistic achievement – another term often used is “PALL” (Plastic a Lot Less). The main thing is to have a go, because the benefits of going plastic-free are enormous. If not for the marine life, if not for the environment, then do it for the purely selfish reason that de-cluttering your life from waste can offer you a clearer mind.

Some switches will be easier to make others, though if you can do all of them you can help reduce your plastic footprint.

Here are our top ten tips for Zero Waste Week:

  1. Say no to the plastic drinks straw! They are POINTLESS!!!!
  2. Try swapping your non-recyclable waste bin for a much smaller container to see how much you really throw away in a week
  3. Build your mason jar/tupperware collection (steel or glass boxes even better) to eliminate the need for freezer bags and cling-film
  4. Use a wooden or bamboo toothbrush that will biodegrade when you throw it away
  5. Refuse single-use shopping bags and always, always have a shopping bag with you!
  6. Use a reusable drinks bottle (make sure it’s BPA-free) and reusable coffee mug. So many places will fill up you bottle or cup now without any hassle
  7. Plan your meals to avoid food going off before you can finish it #useitup
  8. Give your dinner party a more luxurious feel – use fabric napkins instead of throw-away ones
  9. When going on journeys, carry some cutlery with you so you don’t have to use nasty disposable plastic cutlery
  10. Opt for vegetables, fruit that aren’t wrapped in plastic
    1. Have a plastic free
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      Switch today

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