Bathing and Washing Your Baby

Postnatal care guidelines advise parents to use only plain water to cleanse baby for at least the first month of life. You won’t necessarily need to give your baby a bath everyday, two or three times a week is usually enough. Just work out what is right for you and your baby and make sure to clean your baby’s bottom and genitals after each nappy change, regularly wash your baby’s face, and generally wipe off any dirty bits.

When your baby is few months old their skin will be more developed and less sensitive. It may be a great time to start using baby wipes for nappy/diaper changing as they are so convenient. And as they get older, to clean up mucky hands and faces and freshen up after play.

Wipes need to be durable, effective and biodegradable in order not to burden your child with a huge waste mountain in the future. Unlike many other wipes, Natracare baby wipes are mild and gentle for your babies’ delicate skin, made with certified organic plant and essential oils, and eco-friendly, plant-derived ingredients.

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