Seven Superfoods and Simple Ways to Use Them in your Meals

Breakfast bowl

The word Superfood sounds like an impressive foodie term but the definition is actually really simple – a superfood is a food that is especially rich in nutrients, and is usually plant-based. We’re advocates of vegan and vegetarian cooking and we believe that everybody could do with more plant-based nutrients! But how do you incorporate so-called superfoods into your everyday meals?

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5 Very Good Questions (and Answers) About Organic Cotton

Fluffy organic cotton

We get lots of emails asking us about our products and the supply chains that exist to create them. We absolutely love that our customers are so interested in where their favourite products come from.

This Organic September, we thought we’d take the opportunity to write a bumper response to some of your questions about organic cotton – the soft, fluffy, interesting and important crop that Natracare products are made from.

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Yoga advice for when you are menstruating by Kristi Kohanek

yoga practice for menstruation

My name is Kristi and I’ve practised yoga for the last 7 years. My husband convinced me to try out heated yoga after he’d become instantly hooked. I immediately fell in love, and have been practicing ever since. 3 years ago, I enrolled in 200-hr Power Yoga Teacher Training at Corepower in Minneapolis, MN, and received my PYTT certification. My sole purpose was to deepen my practice, not necessarily to teach, and I would HIGHLY recommend any sort of yoga teacher training to anyone.

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How To Get A Good Night’s Sleep

With National Napping Day on 12th March and World Sleep Day on the 16th March, we’ve being thinking about how to optimise our shut-eye this week.  Here are some fantastic tips on how to get yourself a good night’s sleep.

Sleep is vitally important to our physical and mental health. Not getting enough sleep can have serious impacts, not least on productivity – we all know that feeling of nodding off at our desk. It’s also been a great excuse to look at cute Insta snaps of sleepy animals!

The Natracare team have agreed our sleeping patterns definitely could do with some work. We wanted to take this international day of sleep to scour the internet for the best tips to help you get your 8 hours! Here’s what we found…

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What is The Healthy Baby Guide?

the healthy baby guide made safe

If you’re thinking of having a baby, or perhaps you’ve already got young children, then you’ll be thankful to discover the Healthy Baby Guide. It is a really comprehensive kit with all the essentials about protecting your family from harmful chemicals.

We spoke to Cassidy Randall from Made Safe to learn more about why they’ve produced this guide and what her top tips are for parents.


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Vegan cookbook top picks!

Rachael's Vegan cookbook review

Fancy going vegan? Perhaps you’re tempted but need some foody inspiration.

This Veganuary (Vegan January!) our lovely team member Rachael has been testing out some cookbooks. Here are three of her favourites, including her top recipe picks from each book.

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