Why you should never flush wipes, even if they’re biodegradable

This week Water UK announced that wet wipes account for a whopping 93% of the material blocking UK sewers! The vast majority of wipes on the supermarket shelves are made from polypropylene, a type of plastic. It’s fantastic to hear the government’s enthusiasm to do something about this.

Many people ask “can you flush biodegradable wipes?” The simple answer is – no. You shouldn’t flush any wipes at all! It’s good to avoid wipes made from plastic, but even non-plastic ones should either be binned or composted. Here’s how… Continue reading

Plastics Are Forever – Earth Day 2018

plastic pollution earth day 2018What is plastic?

Plastic is a man-made substance, which is produced by heating and processing finite crude oil and adding other chemicals to it. You’re using it right now – it’s part of your computer, phone, and tablet. There’s most likely microplastic in the chair you’re sat in and the clothes you’re wearing! What can we do this Earth Day to be part of the solution to a growing plastic pollution problem?

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Sustainable Fashion: What Are You Wearing?

 sustainable fashion

What’s the difference between ‘sustainable’ fashion and ‘ethical’ fashion? It’s easy to be confused as there is some overlap but it’s worth understanding how the two differ.

Sustainable fashion focusses on the materials you wear, the processes of manufacture and the environmental damage they cause. Ethical fashion looks at the rights and working conditions of those making the products.

So what materials and processes you should be watching out for to be truly sustainable with what you are wearing? Read on.

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Ethical Fashion: The 6 Essential Questions You Should Be Asking

ethical fashion 6 essential questions

For the ethical and eco-conscious shopper the fashion industry can seem like a megalith: unapproachable, aloof and too large for us to combat.

However your decisions, both big and small, make all the difference. So when it comes to buying yourself some new threads here are 6 simple and essential questions you should be asking yourself to move to a more ethical buying journey.

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What is The Healthy Baby Guide?

the healthy baby guide made safe

If you’re thinking of having a baby, or perhaps you’ve already got young children, then you’ll be thankful to discover the Healthy Baby Guide. It is a really comprehensive kit with all the essentials about protecting your family from harmful chemicals.

We spoke to Cassidy Randall from Made Safe to learn more about why they’ve produced this guide and what her top tips are for parents.


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12 Eco Steps For A Greener 2018

12 eco challenges 2018

Your New Year’s resolutions may already be decided and underway and we hope they are going well. Having a big list of changes to make to your life all at once can be a little overwhelming as way to start the year. We thought why not make a small change for each passing month in 2018? Here are 12 fantastic small steps to challenge yourself (in a lovely way) to make 2018 more sustainable and help create meaningful change in the world. Read on below. Continue reading

Why We Need Organic Heroes: To #ChooseOrganic is to Change The World

Let us tell you a story about our organic hero Susie Hewson, a woman who wanted to make a change in the world – a woman who saw something fundamentally wrong and infuriating and was driven to do something exceptional in order to change it. The story goes back a little, maybe even before your time, back to 1989. Imagine an old TV set – with those curvy screens and big backsides – the picture is a little fuzzy, and you give the aerial a twist, the picture is still a bit blurry and undefined and you’re not quite sure if you like what you see, another tweak here and there, there we go. But the clear picture is much dirtier that you would have ever even imagined…

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Organic September: Time to Choose

Organic Your September - Soil Association

Time to choose

Shopping can be an arduous task. Faced with a daunting wall of products, all claiming to be the best, our response can often be to grab the nearest, brightest or cheapest product. Like most people you are probably doing your shopping in a rush and just want to get it done.

But, the choices we make in the supermarket, at the local shops or when shopping online can have a huge impact on others. What may seem like a quick, simple decision may lead to a very dark reality for someone else.

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