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We want you to stop buying our incontinence pads. Yep, you read that right. This might seem out of the ordinary – surely most brands would love for you to keep buying their products for as long as possible, right? So, why do we feel this way? Read on to find out.

Reminder: What is Natracare Dry & Light?

Natracare Dry & Light is a range of reliable, perfume free pads designed for the everyday use of people with light urinary incontinence. Light urinary incontinence (AKA stress incontinence) can be recognised as light bladder leakage when extra stress is placed on the valve of the bladder. This can include activities like laughing, jumping, sneezing, etc.

1 in 3 women and people with vulvas experience stress incontinence. There are several reasons you might be one of these people at any age – it can be caused by child birth, surgery, pregnancy, menopause, and more. You can find out what you should know about incontinence here.

Light urinary incontinence can be frustrating to live with and can place limitations on the lifestyle you love if you’re worried about leaking. That’s why we created our Dry & Light range – to offer leak protection that’s comfortable enough for every day.

Why do we want you to stop buying Dry & Light?

While Natracare Dry & Light pads provide protection from leaks while you’re experiencing them, we hope you won’t need them forever.

Through strengthening your pelvic floor it’s possible to greatly reduce the impacts of stress incontinence, and in many circumstances cure it. In most cases, it shouldn’t be something you have to live with for the rest of your life. In fact, across several studies, up to 85% of women have been cured of stress incontinence through pelvic floor muscle training.

Above all else, Natracare was founded with the vision to champion and protect your health. This means prioritising helping you to find a cure for incontinence over making a lifetime of sales from your experience of bladder leakage. Your quality of life means more. Because while stress incontinence is common, it’s not normal. We want to empower you to speak up, seek help, and reduce the impact of stress incontinence on your life.

What to do if you think you have stress incontinence

If you’re experiencing light bladder leakage and think you might have stress incontinence, here are three things we recommend you do:

  1. Book an appointment with a doctor or physiotherapist

    It’s important to talk to a healthcare professional to help find a solution. Physiotherapy can help to strengthen your pelvic floor and reduce or eliminate leaks.

  2. Use Natracare Dry & Light pads

    While you’re working on strengthening your pelvic floor, protect your clothes and avoid interrupting your day by using our incontinence pads. They’re plastic free, compostable, perfume free, and made using 100% certified organic cotton.

  3. Get started with pelvic floor exercises

    There’s no harm in getting the ball rolling on strengthening your pelvic floor ahead of your first appointment. Here are 5 Kegel exercises we recommend for training your pelvic floor.

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