Tips for Travelling with Incontinence

For a lot of us, travelling is the highlight of the year and a chance to unwind and destress. But this is easier said than done when you’re travelling with incontinence.

Perhaps you’ve recently started leaking and you want to know how to manage the symptoms. Maybe you’ve given birth or have suffered some pelvic damage.

Whether you’re travelling to a nearby campsite or you’re off on a longer journey, these top tips will help to make travelling with incontinence a breeze.

How do I know if I have incontinence?

If you are experiencing symptoms of incontinence, the best thing to do is to get checked out by a physiotherapist. Regular visits or performing suggested exercises can often reduce or cure incontinence.

For women who have given birth, we recommend taking a look at our partners, Mummy MOT. They’re a brilliant network of physiotherapists who offer specialist postnatal treatments for mums. They check for things like pelvic floor health and the tummy gap (otherwise known as diastasis recti). They’re experts at helping women to stop leaking – you can find your nearest Mummy MOT practitioner here.

Pads for leaks

Plastic free pads for light incontinence

natural incontinence pads

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Avoid caffeine and fizzy drinks

Coffee, Coca-Cola, spicy food – all of these things are irritating to our bladders. If yours is already on the leaky side, don’t give it any more of an excuse to make things difficult for you and stay away from these prime suspects.

On the flip side, chamomile and peppermint teas are very calming for the bladder, so maybe opt for one of these instead. And for a snack, pumpkin seeds are a good choice for managing an overactive bladder, so chew away on this tasty treat.

Drink plenty of fluids

Did you know that drinking more water can actually reduce irritation in your bladder and prevent dehydration? It might seem counter intuitive but keeping hydrated is essential. Dehydration can cause increased bladder urgency, and even infection as a result of more concentrated urine.

Don’t hold it in!

Holding your bladder when it’s full can be very dangerous, as you can learn from this video. Obviously, sometimes it can’t be avoided, but for the times that it can, make sure you pee when your body tells you it needs to!

Dress accordingly

Feeling confident and comfortable in the clothes you wear can help make incontinence easier to manage while travelling. A loose-fitting top over leggings will keep you comfortable and discrete, and darker clothes will hide any leaks.

Plan ahead

Make sure you know where the toilets are in advance to avoid worrying. If this means calling a train station to see what their facilities are like, or pre-booking your seat for a flight so that you’re near the toilet, then do it! Anything that you can do to put your mind at ease will help your body feel better too.

Pack wisely

Carry some spare continence care products with you – and a clean, dry pair of knickers, even a spare outfit. Make your costume change part of a glamourous holiday routine! Natracare Dry & Lights are biodegradable and breathable, helping you to manage your incontinence on the go without skin irritation, and take care of the environment at the same time.

Do you have other tips for travelling with incontinence? Let us know in the comments below.

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