Natracare, What We’re Made Of

What a product is made of is important to the person buying the product but it should also be important to the person selling it.

This year during Organic Beauty and Wellbeing Week the Soil Association are turning the spotlight on organic brands and what they are made of. At Natracare we are committed to using best practices and organic ingredients wherever we can. Why? Let’s ask the team who work hard behind the brand.

“What does working for a transparent, ethical company mean to you?”

Lauren, Sales: “I love that you don’t have to leave your morals at the door when you come to work. It makes the job of communicating about the brand much easier and more exciting when you genuinely believe in the ethics of the company and the products. Everything Natracare does is transparent and irreprehensible so we take pride in our work and the brand story, and there is never a fear of being ‘caught out’. As well as that, working for an ethical company is great because as employees we are so well looked after: we have an office organic fruit box, wellbeing walks and a lovely garden where we eat lunch in summer.”

Victoria, Accounts:It allows me to see the bigger picture; it gives purpose and motivation to my every day work, because I know I am making a positive impact in this world.”

Rachael, Sales:Your values shouldn’t suddenly go away when you sit down at your desk, that’s why it was so important for me to work with people who share a passion and really care about the impact their work has. I get to work alongside inspirational people who are doing right by women and the environment. I love being able to work for an ethical brand and partner with other like-minded organisations that are creating positive, lasting and meaningful change and combating environmental issues.”

Sophie, Marketing:I love being part of something that offers a solution to the growing burden of plastic waste rather than adding to it. It’s also really reassuring to know that both people and planet are considered at every stage of the production process. I can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that I work for a truly transparent company. Telling people I work for an ethical tampon company never gets old either, it can be a great conversation starter!”

Jessica, Sales and Marketing:Business aims are always driven towards profit, and that can be at the expense of everything else including the planet, human rights, animal welfare and staff wellbeing. That just feels wrong to me. Working in an ethical company like Natracare means that I spend my days working towards something that I really believe in. I’m here because I care about what we’re doing, and that motivates me every day.”

Madeleine, Quality Control:I love working for an ethical company as it gives more purpose to what I do. I’ve always lived consciously and sustainably and it’s really important for me to work in that way too. I don’t want to be another drain destroying the planet for profits.”

Anna, Sales:It is amazing to know you are making a difference with your work. When I see comments from Natracare users saying that the products have changed their lives and how grateful they are, it is just a great feeling to have contributed to that.”

Kevin, Logistics: “It is a pleasure to work somewhere that commits to values and ethics, as it extends beyond the brand, to the way staff work together. It gives a real sense of purpose at work, and at the end of the day it is something I can take pride to be part of.”

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