PSA: Natracare Maxi Pads Are Changing

We’ve been improving our maxi pads and we want to tell you exactly what you can expect!

Our Natracare maxi pads are a firm-favourite traditional style pad. They’re thick and are the only range of pads we make which don’t have wings. We’ve been listening to your feedback over the years, and we want our products to fit your needs. So naturally, it’s time to update our traditions and make a better version for you. Natracare is about offering the best period products – how you like them – with a sustainability-first design.

So, what’s new and improved about Natracare maxi pads?

  • Now come individually wrapped
  • With faster absorption
  • New longer and wider shape
  • Made from the same plastic free, organic, and natural materials you can trust
  • The same three absorbency options: regular, super and night time

The individual wrappers

Natracare maxi pads are now individually wrapped. This means you can carry your pads out and about. They’re wrapped in a totally chlorine free paper pocket, which is home-compostable or recyclable. Many pad brands are still stuck in the 20th century and insist on using plastic wrappers. We never use plastic where we can avoid it, and easily in this case.

The faster absorbency and new shape

The maxi pads have the same absorbency as before. The exciting part is we’ve added grooved channels which makes the pads faster at absorbing period blood into the natural, wood pulp core. This helps to avoid feeling wet or damp whilst wearing a pad on your period.

The maxi pads are also longer and wider for a better fit. The shape is a more comfortable design to fit your body better. The Night Time maxi pads have extra length to really help catch any leaky backward flows that happen when sleeping on your period. The improved shape is designed to help you feel more secure.

The natural materials

Each pad is made from the same organic and natural materials as before! The pads have a soft, certified organic cotton cover which sits next to your skin. The absorbent core of the pad is made from fluffed wood pulp. The backing of the pad is made from a home-compostable plant starch, which is an amazing plastic-free alternative to stop you leaking through the pad. There is also a small amount of non-toxic, compost-approved glue to help secure the pad into your underwear.

The biodegradable packaging

The bag that the maxi pads come in is biodegradable. This is made from a renewable plant-based material and is industrially compostable (note: not home compostable!). The easiest way to dispose of our maxi pad bags is to put them in your compost/bio-waste bin for collection, where it can be industrially composted.

Disposing of the pads?

You can also compost the maxi pads after using them, read our guide on how to compost pads here.

We know change can be hard. And we also know that if you don’t love them immediately, you’ll grow to love our new maxi pads as much as we do. Take a closer look at each style here:

Let us know when you’ve tried them and how you find them!

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