Does Toilet Talk Build Intimacy?

The past year-plus of living in the pandemic has encouraged all of us to create new boundaries, especially as many have brought their work lives into their homes. But it has also broken down many boundaries as we’ve spent more time with the people we live with than ever before.

To learn more about how our bathroom boundaries have changed over the last year, we worked with OnePoll to survey 2,000 Americans, living with a partner since at least the start of quarantine about their bathroom habits. The survey also probed the toilet taboos that partners have broken during this time. Here’s what we found out:

Most couples said cohabitating helped break down bathroom boundaries.

infographic about how couples feel sharing a bathroom

It may come as no surprise to many that 61% say the bathroom is the most difficult room in their home to share. Moreover, 64% of respondents reported that moving in with their partner broke down many of the “bathroom boundaries” they’d had prior to cohabitating. With the extra time spent at home due to the pandemic, we have a feeling this also may have helped.

There were a lot of partner firsts surrounding bathroom time.

infographic about bathroom firsts between couples during lockdown

Most partners disclosed they experienced a lot of firsts in the bathroom with their partners during quarantine. This includes:

  • 70% taking a bath in front of their partner
  • 30% peeing in front of the other
  • 25% pooping in front of their partner

In terms of periods, 18% said they’d changed their tampon in front of their partner for the first time and 15% said the same for their pad.

How often do couples talk on the toilet?

an infographic about how many conversations people have on average while using the bathroom

The study also found that the average couple in the United States has around 6 conversations on the toilet each month. Going to the bathroom with your partner in eyeshot is one boundary broken down, choosing to engage with them directly when you’re on the toilet is a next level of intimacy. Perhaps the ultimate level is showing them how hydrated you are by the colour of your pee, right?

How comfortable are partners with talking about bathroom topics?

infographic about how comfortable partners are talking about bathroom habits

Talking about bathroom-related topics is not always easy and many couples noted they felt uncomfortable talking about it. 51% felt uncomfortable discussing bowel habits with their partner and 37% felt uncomfortable talking about menstrual habits with their partner.

There also was a divide within couples, with 31% sharing that although they’re comfortable talking about bathroom habits, their partner isn’t.

Is this flushable?

infographic about couples' disagreements on what is and isn't flushable

Across the globe, there is an ecological and public health problem of fatbergs. These masses are the result of flushing fat (i.e., animal grease), wipes, and more.

It seems this problem has become a common point of tension amongst couples. A whopping 49% have gotten into disagreements with their partner over what’s flushable and 50% squabbled over a resulting toilet clog or overflow.

So before your next disagreement, here’s our reminder that only pee, poo, and paper (including Natracare’s Safe to Flush Moist Tissue) are safe to flush.

The survey also broke down different unflushable products couples may argue about and found the following:

  • 13% argue over flushing q-tips or ear buds
  • 14% argue over wet wipes
  • 13% argue or disagree over flushing intimate wipes
  • 13% argue over flushing condoms
  • 12% argue or disagree about flushing dental floss

Flush Responsibly!

You should only ever flush the 3P’s: pee, paper, and poo! Luckily, our Safe to Flush Moist Tissues are made entirely of paper!

safe to flush flushable wipes

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Does breaking down bathroom boundaries increase intimacy?

infographic about whether breaking bathroom boundaries increases intimacy in couples

Most couples (60%) surveyed found that, though awkward at first, breaking bathroom boundaries did help strengthen their relationship. The bathroom is quite the intimate space, so it is no surprised that talking about bathroom boundaries helps increase intimacy with your partner.

For those who want to know more about the survey results, here are the top 10 bathroom boundaries broken in quarantine with their partner or in front of their partner for the first time:

  1. Taking a bath (70%)
  2. Washing face (68%)
  3. Showering (68%)
  4. Peeing (30%)
  5. Flossing (29%)
  6. Brushing teeth (28%)
  7. Pooping (25%)
  8. Changing a tampon (18%)
  9. Changing a pad (15%)
  10. Wiping your butt (3%)

If you’re living with your partner, how has quarantine and lockdown broken down your bathroom boundaries? Have you also done things you didn’t expect or shared conversations while on the toilet? Let us know below.

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