Why We Want You to Call Us Out

If you follow us on social media, you’ll know that we recently launched a campaign coined Rename Dont Shame. This campaign is aimed at supermarkets using gendered language to signpost period products, asking them to review and update their use of the words ‘feminine hygiene’. We started the campaign because not everyone with a period is feminine or a woman, and not all women have periods.

An integral part of the campaign started from within Natracare. We set out to review and address our own language choices as a brand before taking the campaign external to social media. We always want to make sure we’re walking the walk, not just talking the talk, and this meant reviewing how we can improve as individuals and a brand.

While we did our best to review our website and social media, we missed a small few changes. To those that commented about these errors: thank you for calling us out and keeping us accountable. Being called out can feel uncomfortable at times, so let’s discuss why we’re thankful for an audience that does so:

We’re an extension of you

There’s a reason why you choose Natracare every month – whether you grew up using us or switched when you wanted to make a sustainable choice. We want you to feel seen and represented by us, after all: we’re an extension of you.

If we aren’t meeting your needs and wants, then we aren’t doing our job properly. Making our audience feel seen is paramount, and if we’re missing that sweet spot between products you love and a brand you resonate with, we want to hear about it so we can work out a way to fix that.

Taking responsibility is essential

Taking responsibility for and addressing what we get wrong is the difference between an innocent mistake and a character flaw. Behind the Natracare brand there is a group of people who will get things wrong from time to time. By calling us out, you give us the opportunity to show you who we are, collectively and individually. We hope you’ll feel heard by our brand and employees alike.

Difficult conversations are part of positive change

One thing a lot of us have learned from 2020 is that without difficult, confronting conversations, positive change is rarely achieved. It never feels nice to know you made a mistake, but it’s always fantastic if that leads to a dialogue that creates learning and change. Making us feel uncomfortable with the things we get wrong will mean we’re seeing it from where you’re sitting. This is how we can create positive change together.

How to call us out

In short: however you can and want to! The best way to reach us is via social media, as we monitor this daily. You can DM us on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook or comment on one of our posts. You can also contact us here or in the comments of this blog post below. We want to hear from you if you’d like to see us make a change.

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