Sustainable Gift Giving During a Pandemic

The festive season is right around the corner and it’s looking a little different this year. Now more than ever, it’s important to show our loved ones that we’re thinking of them and we’re there for them. One way we all know how to do this is through gifts! Whether you’ve already mastered staying sustainable in a pandemic or you’re currently trying your best,  why not keep that going by giving sustainable gifts this Christmas too?

Here are 5 sustainable gift ideas you can give during the pandemic this year.

Exercise equipment

If you know someone who’s a fanatic for keeping fit, why not gift them something that will keep them on track with their fitness journey? You might be lucky enough to come across some dumbbells in stock. Or resistance bands and sliders will help them get the most out of their home workouts.

Vegan meal subscriptions

This may require you spoiling the surprise this year, but meal subscriptions are all the rage right now. During a pandemic – especially in wintertime – energy is low, and gifting somebody the ideas, recipes, and ingredients for meals is a strong way of showing you’re thinking about them. The way to many people’s hearts is through their stomach after all!

At Natracare, we recently tried All Plants – a plant-based ready meal service – and we’re big fans.

Period products

Hear us out. Although this probably doesn’t sound like the most thoughtful gift, period products are actually a great way to show you care. Stores can be overwhelming to go into right now, and when we’re feeling stressed, our periods might come unexpectedly or be delayed. Should this happen, providing someone with sustainable period products means you can save them the emergency trip to the shops. You could also pair them with some vegan chocolate to really pamper them!

Give the gift of plastic free periods!

Save someone you love a trip to the stores this festive season by gifting them sustainable period products.

organic non-applicator tampons

Explore period products now

Indoor plant delivery

There is a long list of benefits to having indoor plants; boosting moods, increasing creativity, reducing stress, just to name a few. They also brighten up someone’s home too, so why not send someone a lovely, low-maintenance plant they can keep as a reminder of your affection. Plants are the gifts that keep on giving, as they’ll be able to nurture them and watch them grow!

A date in the diary

Once things start returning to normality, quality time with your loved ones will be in high demand, so why not offer them a promise to spend the whole day catching up and having fun once it’s safe to do so? If they’re a little adventurous and like to plan ahead, why not get them an experience like a hot air balloon ride. If they’d prefer something lowkey, offer a day trip or a socially distanced picnic.

If you’re lucky enough to live with the person you’ll be gifting something to, check out our list of eco-friendly Christmas gift ideas.

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