5 Life Lessons Learnt From Having a Period

(Plus a Bonus!)

480 months. 40 years. 4 decades.

That’s how long the average person will have their period. And over this period of periods, there are quite a few life lessons we can learn and share with those who are just starting out. From being thankful for our vaginas to period life hacks and beyond.

Here are our top life lessons we’ve learnt from having a period:

  1. Go with the flow

    We mean it literally and figuratively. Trying to fight against our monthly period only creates more discomfort and distress. While bleeding, your body may be craving a run, a gentle yoga flow, or simply some rest — all are okay. Matching your day and plans to how you’re feeling will help you support your body through your period and your life. If something isn’t jiving with your flow, it’s okay to say no.

  2. Asking for help is cool – and helpful

    It can be hard to ask for help, especially when it’s because you’re on your period. There are a lot of stigmas we’re constantly fighting against! Periods aren’t shameful, and they don’t make us weak. Asking for help doesn’t only help you to get the help you need; it also helps those around you know how they can better support you. Plus, it might mean somebody else finds the courage to ask for help too!

  3. Applicator-free tampons are perfect for hiding everywhere in case of emergencies

    Being stranded without organic tampons when you’re in desperate need is stressful – and those wadded up toilet paper alternatives are uncomfortable and inefficient. Instead, we love to keep a few applicator-free tampons in every bag, in our car glove compartments, pockets, and more. They’re small, light, and compact enough to fit everywhere. Some of us on the team even keep them one in our wallet’s coin purse section.

  4. Being ashamed of being human is a waste of time

    It’s easier said than done, but we don’t need to be fearful nor shameful about our human bodies doing what they do best: being human. How you handle your body hair, period, and other natural body cycles is up to you. This is especially true about periods and their “smells”. No one can really smell it but you – and they’re useful for keeping us aware of our health.

    Our recent Period Nonscents campaign dives deeper into the absurdity of making us feel insecure about our period smells and the potentially harmful and unnecessary chemicals and perfumes in period products. In short: never apologize for being you, and for being a human with needs.

  5. Acknowledging PMS helps relieve it

    Pre-menstrual symptoms are real and can impact our mental and emotional health. Yet when we share that we’re experiencing PMS, instead of trying to suppress or ignore, we can work with it. Just like if you fart, it’s less awkward or embarrassing to acknowledge it and laugh it off. It’s the real power behind being vulnerable and upfront.

  6. Our bodies are amazing and mind-boggling

    Okay, less of a life lesson but the strength and capabilities of our bodies boggles our minds. By becoming more aware of our bodies capabilities and learning about our natural cycles, we can better appreciate and love our bodies. Life’s too short to not celebrate it.

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