Why I’m Thankful for my Vagina

Vaginas are more than sexual reproductive organs. My vagina represents my body’s natural rhythm and its connection with the world, my inner strength. This Thanksgiving season I’m sharing why I’m grateful for my vagina.

For being Miss Independent

Have you ever heard somebody call a vagina a “self-cleaning oven”? Personally, it is one of my favorite euphemisms for the vagina, that clean and tidy organ. She knows how to take care of herself, balance her pH, bounce back after giving birth — she is truly Miss Independent. Did you know the vagina can also heal faster than other body parts?

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For being a crystal ball into my health

The vagina can be a useful glimpse into our health through the type, colour and texture of period blood and vaginal discharge. It’s as if my vagina knows my health before I do! By keeping a period tracker and paying attention to my unique patterns and variations, I can notice weird anomalies I need to get checked by my doctor.

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For being able to keep a secret

Unlike the male counterpart, the vagina doesn’t out me when I’m excited and aroused. She knows how to keep a secret, unless I want to share it.

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For being an orgasm power plant

Although the majority of us can’t have an orgasm from only vaginal intercourse, our vagina warmly houses the clitoris, the only organ strictly for pleasure with over 80,000 nerve endings. Unlike cis male orgasms, our orgasms last long and don’t generally need a refractory (recovery) period in between excitement. So, round two? Yes please.

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For being a beautiful and diverse queen

Vaginas come in all different shapes, sizes, and colours — and all variations are perfectly normal. It’s beautiful how we can all share this planet and over 98% of DNA, but still have little differences to make us sparkle.

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Embracing our bodies, despite the stigma commonly placed on it, is an incredible act of defiance and gratitude. What are you thankful for this Thanksgiving season?

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