Gynaecologist Recommended

For women who want to restrict their contact with synthetic materials and unnecessary chemicals, Natracare is the natural choice.

Women suffering from skin allergies, irritation, and soreness and itching may find their symptoms worsen during their period. Many feminine hygiene brands contain synthetic materials such as polypropylene, polyethylene, surfactants, perfumes and polyacrylate super absorbents as well as chlorine bleached fluff pulp.

Many gynaecologists advise these women to change to Natracare tampons and pads to avoid these synthetic materials and chemicals. Women have found relief after using Natracare.

Why a natural period might solve the itch

The Research

Studies have revealed that up to a third of women with symptoms of vaginal itching, soreness and/or discharge may be experiencing the symptoms of Vulval Dermatitis or Intimate Irritation.* Further research has shown that 75% of UK gynaecologists believe that conventional sanitary protection could be the cause of intimate irritation.

The study was carried out amongst 40 British gynaecologists with further research conducted amongst their Canadian colleagues.

The data revealed that 26% of the gynaecologists who took part in the study noticed a significant increase in the symptoms of their patients suffering with intimate irritation around the time of their period, clearly implicating sanitary protection as a causative factor of their symptoms.

In addition, nearly 4 out of 5 questioned felt that their patients suffering with intimate irritation were experiencing sensitivity to synthetic fabrics, sanitary protection and toiletries, and 50% then recommend the use of natural, chemical-free sanitary protection to help alleviate the symptoms.

The story is very much the same in North America, with 67% of gynaecologists recommending that their patients switch to natural sanitary protection to alleviate their symptoms.

Mr David Nunns, Consultant Gynaecologist at Nottingham City Hospital, said: “Irritancy is a very common issue amongst women in the UK, and is still frequently mistaken for thrush. This study has shown that expert gynaecologists across the globe have recognised that sanitary protection may be a causative agent in triggering vulval irritancy and so switching to natural, chemical free protection may help alleviate troublesome symptoms for many women.”