What is The Healthy Baby Guide?

If you’re thinking of having a baby, or perhaps you’ve already got young children, then you’ll be thankful to discover the Healthy Baby Guide. It is a really comprehensive kit with all the essentials about protecting your family from harmful chemicals.

We spoke to Cassidy Randall from Made Safe to learn more about why they’ve produced this guide and what her top tips are for parents.


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The Next Taboo – Why we should no longer be silent about incontinence

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Aren’t you tired of “Oops I sneezed” advertisements telling you that you should be ashamed of your stress incontinence? We are. One in three of all 20-85 year olds suffers from some sort of bladder weakness. Yes, that’s right – one in three. That’s around 6 million people in the UK alone. Yet we are still making a big effort to keep the issue on the down low, despite how glaringly prevalent it is. So what is it and why do we need to start talking about it?

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Need to breastfeed your baby? Take a stand, don’t leave or cover up…


Women across the globe are celebrating World Breastfeeding Week this week (1st-7th August) for the 25th year. #WBW2017 raises awareness to promote, protect and support breastfeeding.

Women have been breastfeeding since time began, so why does it need promoting, protecting and supporting? But if you need to breastfeed your baby you just might have to stand, leave, cover up…

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The Natracare Advent Calendar 2016, every day gives!

Take a look at our beautiful advent calendar tree – updated daily with charitable donations from us to the world. ‘Tis the season to share and give.

The festive season is filled with traditions, and one of our favourites at Natracare is our advent calendar of charitable donations. Learn more by clicking the calendar below to look through advent calendar, for each day we donate to a different charity and cause we believe in throughout December.

natracare advent calendar

Giving and sharing is exactly what Christmas is all about, and we know that our customers around the world would be happy that we are investing our profits into causes that truly make a difference. So what and who do we donate to?

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Natracare Wins Gold (and Silver!)

The Olympics have just started and already the medals are coming in! We’ve got our own gold medal to show off, winning the Best in Menstrual Care with our Natracare Ultra Extra Pads in The Green Parent magazine awards, as voted for by parents!

Green mums put the newest line of Natracare pads to the test for the awards. The success of the pads show that mums want and need a practical solution for their periods that is healthy for their bodies, whilst also looking out for the environment to protect future generations.

Natracare “Ultra Extra” natural pads have double protection, with an extra cushioned, absorbent layer, for additional absorbency and comfort at your time of the month. Free from plastics, perfumes and dyes and Totally Chlorine Free, Natracare pads are composed of sustainably sourced, effective natural materials, including 100% certified organic cotton and plant cellulose. A slimline shape with wings, and individually wrapped in biodegradable pockets, the pads are available in Normal, Super and Long.

Natracare Ultra Extra Pads Win Gold

The medals didn’t stop there! Our Baby Wipes won Silver in the category “Best for Baby” and our Make-up Removal wipes were in the Top 10 “Best Buys under £10”.

We are very proud to have been voted for by parents, who are “raising kids with a conscience”, as the slogan of The Green Parent says, and are happy to provide green parents with ethical product choices.

Find more information about our award winning products under: http://www.natracare.com/products

What to avoid as a new mum

Baby pile 2

During pregnancy, we are naturally more aware of and concerned about the health and care of our bodies. It is during this time that we might begin to read labels more closely and question ingredients lists. Knowing what is in the products you are putting next to your skin and equally important, on your new baby’s skin is essential.

Many products available to new mothers, shockingly contain among other things, synthetics, super absorbents and chlorine bleached materials, all of which can have a negative impact, both on health and the environment.

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Organic essentials for new mums


Essentials for birthbagAfter birth it is only natural that all the attention is on the newborn, but don’t forget about mum!! Seemingly small issues such as dry skin, sore nipples and intimate discomfort can feel much worse when ignored or when you are tired. So a bit of preparation in the weeks leading up to labour can help you keep focussed on the little one when it matters.

We’ve put together a list of items for your hospital bag which look after YOU!

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