What Your Period Would Say If It Could Speak

In any healthy relationship, good communication is essential for building a strong foundation and a positive bond between partners. All the best pairs have their communication nailed; Bey and Jay, Blair and Chuck, but what about you and your period? It might not be able to talk, but have you ever thought about what your period might tell you, given the chance? We have, and this is what we think it would want to say!

“Oooh you’re going on holiday? I’ll come too!”

Every. Single. Time. We all know how this one goes: you plan your dream holiday or a weekend getaway and, like clockwork, your period arrives – ready to get in the way of all your travel plans. She is SUCH a tag along!

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“Let’s not go to the gym tonight”

Finding the energy for a workout can feel impossible when you’re on your period. Why not slow things down a little and try out these gentle exercises for your next period?

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“Sorry, but those jeans are too small for both of us”

The period bloat is REAL! Let’s be honest, though, you agree with your period on this one. Wearing tight, restrictive clothing can often feel super uncomfortable when you’re bleeding. So, ditch the jeans that feel a little too snug, and put on what you feel comfiest in.

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“Stop pushing me away, just because you’re stressed”

Did you know that feeling stressed can delay your period? Extreme levels of stress can be detrimental to your health, an interruption to your cycle is just one possible outcome. Remember to take a breather every now and then and try to keep your stress levels under control.

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“Oops, were those white sheets fresh? My bad!”

This monthly ritual is a classic. You’re PMSing and you’re grumpy, so in the interest of coziness and self-care, you change your sheets – who doesn’t love the feeling of fresh sheets?! You sleep so deeply that you don’t even stir when your period comes at 2:37am. You wake up in the morning, and your lovely fresh bedding looks like a murder scene… brilliant.

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“Something’s up with you…”

You might not always be listening to your period, but your period listens to you and she knows what’s up. Changes in the colour and consistency of your period blood could be a signal of change in your health. Make sure you learn what’s normal for you and see a doctor if you notice anything out of the ordinary.

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“Did you blame your period fart on the dog… again?!”

Things get pretty mixed up down there when you’re contending with period pains and bloating – it’s no wonder that our periods make us fart, especially at the worst moments. But pet owners might just have a way out – dogs can’t defend themselves, so they’re the perfect scapegoats. Yes, we know… we’re terrible people.

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What do you think your period would say if it could speak? Let us know in the comments below. 👇

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