How to Have A Vegan Period (It’s Not Just a Diet)

It’s official! Natracare’s entire product range of tampons, pads, liners and wipes are vegan certified. The vegan lifestyle covers all sorts of non-food items and products. Rely on the fact that menstrual care can be chosen free from animal testing, ingredients and processing.

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Veganism – it’s more than just a trend

As we are growing more environmentally aware the number of vegans is fast growing. So what does it mean to be vegan? The obvious answer is not eating anything animal based – no meat or fish, no dairy, eggs or other animal derived substances. Vegan lifestyles have a significantly reduced carbon footprint than those of vegetarians or pollotarians (just chicken), and even more reduced than beef eaters (worst of the lot in terms planetary impact).

But there is more to being vegan than just what you eat. Many non-food items contain animal derived ingredients, from whale fat in lipsticks to crushed beetles used as red colouring (yes, really). And it’s not always clear that what you’re buying (and what you’re buying it with… ahem Britain’s five pound note laced with cow fat) is actually cruelty free. We have to rely on examining ingredients lists and being savvy consumers, and sadly companies are not always transparent and honest.

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In the case of many cosmetics, personal care and non-food items where ingredients lists don’t have to be provided, we vegans have to rely on clear labels and accreditations from trustworthy, independent organisations to tell us which products are completely free from animal testing. Thankfully this is growing at an astounding rate!

The UK based organisation Vegetarian Society recently launched a Vegan labelling scheme as a response to the fast growth of veganism within the UK and worldwide. Another important part of veganism is consuming products that are cruelty free. Meaning no part of a product has been tested on, or derived from animals. This includes the breakdown of individual components, materials processing and the finished product.

Have a vegan period

No Natracare product contains animal-derived ingredients, nor has part of them been tested on animals, nor will they ever.

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2 thoughts on “How to Have A Vegan Period (It’s Not Just a Diet)

  1. Antoaneta P said:

    Can you please tell me why is there no sign on you’re packaging saying that you’re products are not tested on animals?!
    Thank you

    • Natracare said:

      Hi Antoaneta, all of our packs display the “vegan approved” logo from the UK’s Vegetarian Society. This label guarantees no animal testing, or animal derived ingredients in natracare products.