How to Stick to Positive Habits After Lockdown

While we’re currently social distancing to fight COVID-19, it might be hard to picture life going back to normal any time soon. When we leave our sustainable home offices for the real thing or can pop to the shops for just a single snack – will things be exactly as they were before? By trying to navigate the pandemic, you might’ve picked up positive and sustainable habits worth holding onto. Here’s how to stick to them when lockdown is over:

Continue to buy local

Supporting local businesses and your local economy isn’t just important during a global pandemic. Feeding back into your community by buying locally sourced and sold goods is always a great way to live sustainably and help your home thrive. When lockdown is lifted, don’t forget about those handmade soap bars you’ve been staying clean with, or the local bakery that’s been keeping your bread bin fully stocked. They won’t stop needing your business to survive and it’s a great way to treat yourself to something special every now and then. It’s also a great way to feel more connected with your neighbourhood when you get to know the local staff.

Maintain slow living habits

Slowing down and taking care of yourself first is a positive habit you should keep hold of after lockdown. Whether it’s a daily yoga session, going to bed early with your phone on do not disturb or learning to say “no” to your fifth Zoom quiz of the week. When restrictions are lifted and the invitations come flooding in, be more selective about which ones you accept. Leave time for yourself and take stock of your surroundings regularly. Practicing these slow living habits when COVID-19 is no longer a restriction will help you to maintain peace of mind and remain calm while readjusting to your old-but-new lifestyle.

woman doing yoga

Make time for outdoor walks and family activities

Have you enjoyed Saturday night games night during lockdown? Or a walk to blow away the cobwebs? Spending quality time with your nearest and dearest where possible is a great way to feel positive and build stronger relationships – pandemic or not! Let your lockdown traditions be the start of lifetime traditions dedicated to bringing you closer to your loved ones. Lockdown has helped us prioritise who is really important to us and our wellbeing – so continue to make time to spend with them.

Be mindful when you order online

Reducing how much you order online is essential during coronavirus to help decrease the pressure on production and distribution workers, and to keep the spread of the virus to a minimum. Not shopping as much online has other positive effects too. Spending less frequently will leave you with more time to think about and plan where you’re investing your money, so that you’re able to shop more responsibly online. By doing a bit of research, you’ll spend less money towards unethical businesses, reduce pollution from the production and distribution processes, and we bet you’ll love your ethical items even more! When coronavirus is no longer a threat to society, stick to your new online shopping habits and continue to consider each purchase you make.

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Continue to work from home

If you’ve made the transition from working in an office to working from home, why not make it a regular thing? Rushing to get into the office on time and racking up a huge fuel or public transport bill (not to mention your carbon footprint) every day, might not sound so attractive after months of rolling out of bed into your home office. You save money and time from not commuting, and the planet in the meantime. This could be a great opportunity to adjust part of your working week to allow working from home more often – making your week cheaper, more sustainable and less hectic.

Cut down flights and take local holidays

One of the biggest environmental benefits we’ve seen as a result of COVID-19 has been the reduction in air and noise pollution thanks to fewer flights. When the time comes for life to return to normal, we think everybody deserves a holiday – but why not take one locally? Reducing the number of flights you take is one of the biggest steps you can take towards helping the planet through the current climate crisis and enjoying a flight-free break is a great way to appreciate the beauty of your chosen home.

campervan with picnic table

Only keep what you need

Clear outs are a great way to pass the time during social distancing. Organising your belongings and having a clutter free home and mind can feel so good. Don’t put all your hard work to waste by accumulating items you will never need or use once life returns to normal. When it comes to being far too busy with exciting social plans to have a clear out – you won’t need one.

sticking to positive habits after covid-19 infographic

This is an incredibly stressful and uncertain time for many. But there’s lots to positive things to learn from this pandemic that we can carry into life after lockdown. Have you formed any positive habits you’ll be keeping? Let us know below.

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