Our Partnership with Mummy MOT

Whether it’s periods or incontinence, we support people to empower their bodies. It’s at the heart of what we do, and we love seeing others doing it too. That’s why we’ve partnered up with the Mummy MOT, so we can support each other to support you!

What is Mummy MOT?

Mummy MOT is a network of physiotherapists who provide post-natal assessments and recovery sessions for mums. Their assessments check for pelvic floor issues, incontinence, lower back pain and diastasis recti – AKA ‘Mummy Tummy’ and the recovery sessions help mums to get back to normal – or as close to it as possible!

Mummy MOT is on a mission to provide a supportive and honest approach to post-natal health care – helping mums to regain ownership of their bodies after having their babies. There are Mummy MOT practitioners based all over the UK, and even some overseas. You can find Mummy MOT practitioners near you.

We love the practical approach that Mummy MOT takes towards the problems people can face after having a baby. Mummy MOT champions health by encouraging mums to seek help to find solutions for common but curable issues like stress incontinence.

Mummy MOT and Natracare

Our partnership with Mummy MOT is built on our shared view that people’s bodies should not be a taboo topic of discussion. We shouldn’t suffer in silence when our bodies experience problems like diastasis recti, or other issues that many of us encounter after giving birth.

At Natracare, we’ve designed pads for light urinary incontinence with health and comfort in mind.

While we believe the products are a great choice to help people keep dry and avoid irritation, we know that they’re not a solution to incontinence and we hope that our customers won’t have to buy them for too long! We believe that people shouldn’t have to live with curable conditions like stress incontinence. 84% of people with stress incontinence are cured after just 6 sessions of pelvic-floor based physiotherapy, which is where our partners at Mummy MOT come in.

We’ve partnered up with Mummy MOT to work together to help people manage the changes their bodies might go through when they become a mum.

Our partnership

What does this partnership mean for you? As part of our collaboration, Mummy MOT members and clients can get a 10% discount on our Dry & Light incontinence pads, so that you can take care of your symptoms in a way that’s better for your body and the environment. Soon, we’ll also be offering discounted Mummy MOT sessions for people on lower incomes, so that we can all have access to this brilliant and much needed service. Watch this space for more info!

Effective protection for every day

Light urinary incontinence shouldn’t hold you back. While you work on strengthening your pelvic floor, Natracare incontinence pads will protect you from leaks!

Find out more

If you’ve given birth, and want to help your body get back to full health, you can find your local Mummy MOT practitioner.

Have you suffered from stress incontinence after giving birth? We’d love to hear about your experience. Open up the discussion with us in comments below.

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