Organic Baby Wipes EWG Verified Certified

Natracare’s Organic Baby Wipes earned Environmental Working Group’s EWG VERIFIED™ certification in October 2018.

This solidifies Natracare as a leader in safe and sustainable personal care products. The EWG VERIFIED™ is a strict certification that signifies:

  • Natracare’s Organic Baby Wipes does not contain EWG’s ingredients of concern that have been flagged for potential health concern by authoritative health bodies.
  • Natracare is committed to full transparency and has labeling that fully discloses its ingredients.
  • Natracare operates under good manufacturing practices.

Natracare’s Organic Baby Wipes are formulated for sensitive skin; made with 100% certified organic cotton and natural, plant-based essential oils; and are biodegradable and compostable. They are completely free of plastic, parabens, alcohol, sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS), chlorine, dioxin, synthetic preservatives, and other formaldehyde releasing preservatives.

Susie Hewson, owner and founder of Natracare, states, “I pursued the EWG VERIFIED™ certification for Natracare Organic Baby Wipes because I understood that consumers need to trust brands and validate their claims. I am pleased that as well as being certified organic, EWG also verifies that our baby wipes are non-toxic, sustainable, and ethical.

For more than 12 years, EWG’s Skin Deep® database has been a practice resource for consumers seeking to avoid exposures to chemicals of concern in personal care products. Building on that effort, EWG VERIFIED™ mark exemplifies to consumers that Natracare’s Organic Baby Wipes meets EWG’s strictest criteria and goes above and beyond a green rating in EWG’s Skin Deep®.

Notes to editors

Natracare is the pioneering, global leader in plastic-free menstrual products. 30 years of campaigning and producing certified organic and natural solutions for personal health finds them at the top spot as an award winning, ethical company. Transparency and full ingredient disclosure make Natracare an exceptional brand meeting the highest organic and environmental standards. View Organic baby wipes

Environmental Working Group is a non-profit organisation committed to transparency in consumer products since 1993. The Environmental Working Group tracks chemical safety and calls out bad chemicals and the companies that use them. Today they are the go-to resource for parents and consumers nationwide when it comes to choosing better products for their health and their homes. Visit

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