Natracare Moist Tissues Earn IWSFG Standard Flushable Product Certification

Natracare is the only brand available in the U.S. to hold both the IWSFG Standard and the Fine to Flush Water UK certification

Natracare, a women-owned and environmentally conscious company, has announced that its Moist Tissues have been tested and certified to the new International Water Services Flushability Group (IWSFG) Standard1, endorsing its status as a Flushable Product. Natracare is the only brand available in the U.S. to hold both this and the Fine to Flush2 Water UK certification.

natracare safe to flush moist toilet tissue

According to a report published3 by the National Association of Clean Water Agencies (NACWA), the U.S. spends an estimated $441 million a year collecting wipes that are not safe to flush from the water systems.

As a campaigning brand, we look to where the environmental problems are with products. Through our design-for-change-attitude, we wanted to work with the water companies to produce a product that is functional, but doesn’t cause damage to municipal wastewater treatment plants, pump stations, or home plumbing,” says Susie Hewson, founder of Natracare. “Consumers find it all very confusing, and this is where there is a need to have clear, defined, and stringent standards.

Many wipes contain viscose and secret plastics, and are falsely marketed as flushable. Made of 100% paper and an organic, natural formula, Natracare’s flushable Moist Tissues cleanse and refresh delicate skin. Each tissue contains soothing aloe vera and anti-bacterial witch hazel – perfect for those times when you are menstruating, after sex, or just want to feel properly clean.

Since the founding of Natracare, the health of people and the planet have always been priority number one. They’ve never lost sight of the importance of producing products that do no harm; that’s why we are proud partners with a company that truly leads the feminine hygiene industry in sustainability,” says Heidi Sanborn, executive director of National Stewardship Action Council (NSAC). Environmental services manager with West County Wastewater, Joe Neugebauer, echoed NSAC’s praise of Natracare for passing the IWSFG flushability standard.

Natracare offers an extensive range of products including different styles and absorbances of tampons, pads, liners, wipes, and moist tissues.

The products are:

  • Made with organic and natural materials
  • Totally Chlorine-free
  • Biodegradable
  • Certified Commercially Compostable
  • Vegan
  • No plastic applicators
  • Plastic-Free

Notes to Editors

Susie Hewson is a pioneer of the world’s first brand of sustainably designed, organic and natural period products back in 1989. Natracare’s extensive product line is made using only organic and natural materials that are certified plastic-free and Totally Chlorine-Free (TCF), from sustainable, biodegradable and compostable materials that are both kinder to nature and women’s health. Three decades later, Susie is still steering the ship of her global brand, continuing to campaign for menstrual equity and a cleaner planet. Natracare products are available at retailers nationwide, including Whole Foods Market, Sprouts Farmers Market, NCG Co-ops; Kroger, Fred Meyer, Thrive Market, Amazon,, Grove Collaborative, independent supermarkets and natural food stores across the country.

IWSFG PAS1:2020 Criteria for Recognition as a flushable product includes FG501 Toilet Bowl and Drain-Line Clearance, which determines the likelihood that a product will successfully clear the toilet and drainage lines in a building, IWFSG PAS3:2020 Disintegration Method, which assesses the potential for a product to disintegrate in water or wastewater, FG504 Settling Test, which analyzes the ability of a product to settle in the various systems and settling chambers associated with municipal wastewater treatment plants and pump stations, FG506A Anaerobic Biodisintegration Test that assess the potential for a product to biologically disintegrate under anaerobic conditions found in sewers as well as municipal and onsite wastewater treatment systems and the TAPPI T401 Fiber Analysis.


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