How to Dispose of a Tampon

If you’re new to tampons (or periods in general!), a great place to start is learning how to put a tampon in correctly, so that you can be comfortable and avoid leaks during your period. But what you might not consider is what happens when you need to change them, and how to throw away used tampons. Read on to find out how to properly dispose of tampons.

Don’t flush tampons!

Let’s start with the essentials: you should never flush a tampon! Tampons do not break down quickly enough after flushing and can cause blockages. What’s worse, they can also contribute to fatbergs in sewage systems (you can read more about the problem of fatbergs here). In turn, this can cause harm to wildlife and ecosystems. This is why flushing tampons, used or otherwise, down the toilet should always be avoided. In fact, you should only ever flush the three Ps: pee, paper, and poo!

Wrap it and trash it

Instead of flushing them, you can dispose of used tampons by wrapping them in some toilet paper or the wrapper of the replacement period product and putting them in the trash. Hopefully, most bathrooms or toilet stalls you use will have designated garbage bins that you can use to throw away your tampons. In the frustrating cases where a bin isn’t provided in the bathroom, wrap your tampon up well in toilet paper and take it to your closest trashcan to dispose of it there. PSA: All bathrooms should provide adequate facilities for period waste, let the responsible person or business know if they’re falling short!

Compost your plastic free tampons

If you use compostable, plastic free tampons like Natracare tampons, you can also dispose of them in your compost!

Know what you’re putting in your body?

Try plastic free tampons made with 100% organic cotton and nothing else.

organic non-applicator tampons

Make the switch today

Natracare tampons are made from 100% certified organic cotton and absolutely nothing else, so they will break down in compost. Here’s everything you need to know about composting your tampons – including which types you can and cannot compost.

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