5 Gyres Helping Oceans Go Plastic Free

5 Gyres is amazing, their mission: To empower action against the global health crisis of plastic pollution through science, art, education, and adventure.

Many of us already know that we need to change our relationship with disposable plastics, and we need organisation to help research and save our oceans to prevent our world from becoming a Plastic Planet. We have an unnecessary and uncomfortable dependency which is totally wasteful and damaging to the environment. Millions and millions of plastic applicators litter beaches and waters the world over from tampons being flushed down the loo.

This is why we need to celebrate wonderful organisations like 5 Gyres: a non-profit that has been fighting plastic ocean pollution for nearly a decade. Here’s some of the good things they get up to:

Arctic Expedition (2016)

5 Gyres 17th Expedition gathered a group of 22 citizen scientists for two weeks exploring the Arctic, the expedition primarily focused on micro- and nano plastic research to monitor global levels of plastic pollution.

Sea Change Expedition (2015)

The 2015 SEA Change Expedition travelled over 3000 nautical miles throughout the North Atlantic Gyre with a crew of 64 citizen scientists. Along with the Schooner Mystic crew of 14 sailors, the voyage also transported representatives from other nonprofit organisations and research facilities, as well as notable watermen and women, such as musician and activist Jack Johnson and ocean conservation activist Celine Cousteau.

Viking Gyre Expedition (2014)

5 Gyres’ Expedition from Bermuda to Iceland was designed with the intention to better understand the distribution of plastic pollution in the North Atlantic Subpolar Gyre. They researched micro plastic concentrations in the region and carried out 40 visual observations to track the macro plastic pollution in the area. This data would contribute to their first Global Estimate of Plastic Pollution.

Show your support

We have partnered with 5 Gyres to support the plastic free movement. If your inspired to help save our oceans and reduce your plastic footprint, check out 5 Gyres’ handy plastic free shopping guide. There are also some really helpful tips on how to go zero waste here.

We at Natracare really admire their work and are happy and proud supporters of 5 Gyres. We’re helping them on their 17th Research Expedition combating plastic pollution in and around the Arctic Ocean.

The data from this expedition will be used as part of a Global Estimate of Plastic Pollution.

Further interesting projects include:

  • An art installation (Anthropocene), demonstrating the threat plastic pollution has to environment and health
  • Spreading the word about microbeads #beadfree
  • The “Mi Mar/My Sea Programme”, engaging disadvantaged youth in science project to foster environmental leadership
  • Carrying out global research to determine the most insidious forms of plastic, i.e. disposable plastic applicators

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